Watch: Weatherman's Maps Mislabeled With Hilariously High Temperatures image
The local news is responsible for some of the oddest flubs in TV history. Recently, there were some green screen problems over at Phoenix’s Fox 10 and weatherman Cory McKloskey took the team’s flub and used it as an opportunity to do some comedy, live on the air
Jessica Rawden 2015-01-29
Budweiser's New Puppy Super Bowl Commercial Is The Perfect Sequel To Last Year image
This week, Budweiser has released its latest Super Bowl ad, and it should make you feel pretty warm and fuzzy inside—especially if you caught last year’s big Super Bowl ad. That’s right, the puppy and the Clydesdale are back for round 2.
Jessica Rawden 2015-01-28
This GoDaddy Commercial About A Puppy Is Infuriating The Internet image
GoDaddy commercials are frequently cheeky, but the ad domain register company may have taken things a little far with its parody of last year’s Budweiser Super Bowl ad. Check out the new Super Bowl commercial, which does feature an adorable puppy.
Jessica Rawden 2015-01-27
Sexy Commercial For Canadian University Isn't Going Over Well image
Plenty of commercials have proven that sex sells, but just because Carl’s Jr. can get away with sexy women eating cheeseburgers doesn’t mean that people will tolerate the same sort of premise from a higher education learning facility. Check out what happens when the Canadian Université de Moncton tries to sell fooling around in the library in its latest ad.
Jessica Rawden 2015-01-22
Watch These QVC Hosts Argue About Whether The Moon Is A Planet image
QVC is not a place I would send my kids to for basic scientific lessons, but you still would hope that people with the skills to sell you items would at least have a grade school knowledge of basic science facts. However, recently QVC host Jane Treacy and fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi spent considerable time arguing about the moon.
Jessica Rawden 2015-01-16
Watch Steve Harvey Blast A Woman Who Doesn't Know Her Husband's Job image
If there’s one thing Steve Harvey is known for, it is telling it like it is and throwing in a few amusing faces to boot. Just check out what Harvey recently had to say to a wife on his show who stood up to ask the early morning host what her husband does for a living.
Jessica Rawden 2015-01-13
Watch Jimmy Fallon, Martin Short And Jerry Seinfeld Lose It During The Tonight Show Taping image
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is known for its ability to go viral with games and such, but this week the show gave the fans at home a pretty clever behind-the-scenes look at The Tonight Show and the shenanigans that go on when the camera is not rolling.
Jessica Rawden 2015-01-02
Wheel Of Fortune: Is This The Greatest Guess In The Show's History? image
Wheel of Fortune has hosted plenty of good and totally godawful contestants over the years, but I’m not sure any of them have been as unpredictable or exciting as the big winner this week. Check out this amazing Wheel of Fortune contestant who was able to get an answer after guessing just one letter.
Jessica Rawden 2014-12-30
Watch The Funniest News Bloopers From 2014 image
This 2014 “Best News Bloopers” video is basically a giant supercut of a variety of reporters as they deal with earthquake encounters, slips of the tongue mistakes, falls and other on-air mishaps. You can check out the full video after the jump.
Jessica Rawden 2014-12-30
The Most Popular Holiday Commercials Of 2014 image
We frequently think of the Super Bowl as the big day for advertisers here in the US, but over the holiday season, commercials actually manage to have a lot of power. It helps that the holidays run for several weeks rather than one night, and this year there have been 10 holiday commercials that have made their marks on our televisions and computers in 2014.
Jessica Rawden 2014-12-24
British Reporter Can't Stop Laughing After Accidentally Inhaling Opium image
A reporter for BBC News accidentally ingested some burning drugs in the air while he was putting together a news report for the network. Watch his hilarious attempt at putting together a news segment after inhaling the fumes.
Jessica Rawden 2014-12-22
KISS: Watch Paul Stanley's Weird Banned Folgers Commercial image
It’s the time of year when we expect plenty of cozy and heartwarming holiday-related commercials. However, the release of a shelved Folgers commercial featuring none other than KISS guitarist and singer Paul Stanley is a bit more unexpected. Check it out.
Jessica Rawden 2014-12-22
Watch This Dude Castrate A Reindeer With His Teeth For PBS' New Show image
There are plenty of viral videos out there about fuzzy ducks and cute cats, but this is not one of them. PBS has a new show called EARTH A New Wild, and the network released this brand new clip from the show, which follows the practice of humans castrating reindeer with their teeth
Jessica Rawden 2014-12-18
7 Great Holiday Commercials You Need To Watch Right Now image
In the coming weeks, audiences will be inundated with commercials relating to shopping for the holidays. Take a look at our favorite picks for 2014 holiday commercials so far. And as usual, let us know if there are any you think we missed!
Jessica Rawden 2014-12-05
Waka Flocka Flame's Epic Throat Lozenge Commercial Just Got Banned image
Waka Flocka Flame is mostly known for his rapping, but recently lozenge company Pine Bros. helped the rapper to expand his career goals somewhat, signing him on to star in a brand new commercial for the cough drop brand. The commercial premiered this weekend and has since apparently been banned in certain areas.
Jessica Rawden 2014-11-24
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