American Idol is going to look a whole lot different this season, with three new judges on the panel, and two fierce divas throwing out often opposing opinions. The latter drama has kept Season 12 in the news over the past couple of months, but as the hit singing competition show is preparing to air, we finally have some actual footage from the new judges, shown through a couple of brand new Fox promos.

The first promo video features Nicki Minaj voicing off about different contestants in the initial rounds of the hit series. The “Pound the Alarm” singer talks contestants hairdos and talent, all while making some unusually silly facial expressions. I don’t know how Minaj will actually be as a judge, but I do know she has enough energy to create an admirable onscreen presence.

The second clip is a slightly more generic promotional video that talks about how veterans Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson are teaming up with some new talent to find the ultimate star in Season 12. This video gives us a hint of a few of the contestants who are making it past the early round in the competition. Unfortunately, at this point American Idol is trying to avoid all of the controversy that Carey spewed in her interview with Barbara Walters a few weeks ago. That would certainly have spiced up this second promo clip, but I guess it is simply wishful thinking.

Come rain or shine, American Idol premieres Wednesday, January 16 on Fox at 8 p.m. ET.




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