Community Snubbed, And Five Other Surprises From The 2012 Golden Globe Nominations

By Kelly West 4 years ago discussion comments
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Community Snubbed, And Five Other Surprises From The 2012 Golden Globe Nominations image
One of the things I love about the Golden Globes is that the nominations seem less predictable than other awards shows. At the very least, the Hollywood Foreign Press is willing to reward new programs and performances, which usually makes for some fairly diverse nominations. There were a couple of hits and a few misses among this years nominations.

You can view the full list of TV nominees here. In the meantime, here are some random observations and surprises from this year's nominations.

Glee... Really?
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by this, but I am regardless. How is Glee among the best comedies for the year, but Community is left off the list? Donít get me wrong, I'm not anti-Glee, but I canít see the argument that Season 2 of the musical comedy series was better than any given episode of Community that's aired over the course of the last year. In place of Gleeís nomination, I would have also accepted Happy Endings, Parks and Recreation, Raising Hope or Shameless. Iíd also support Cougar Town as a beloved underdog.

A couple of scary-good performances were recognized...
Letís hear it for the nominations for Madeleine Stowe and Jessica Lange. Iím actually thrilled to see that American Horror Story received a nom for Drama, but Langeís individual nomination for Best Supporting Actress (Series/mini-seres, movie) is especially deserved. Sheís been a big part of the appeal for the FX horror-drama as she brings her own layer of weird-crazy to the series. Meanwhile, some may consider Revenge a guilty pleasure. Iím far beyond that. No guilt here. And Stoweís portrayal of the graceful but sometimes-scary Victoria Grayson is fantastic and certainly worthy of recognition.

Is Downton Abbey really a mini-series? Eh... doesnít matter.
The Masterpiece drama seems less of a mini-series than an actual series, however given the steep competition in the drama category this year, it might be better off among the mini-series. Downton Abbey, which takes place around World War I and follows a group of wealthy people living in a huge house, and the staff that also lives there, managed to score a nomination in all three related categories. If you havenít seen it, itís worth checking out (and available on Netflix streaming!)

Way to go Starz!
Itís probably too much to hope that Spartacus will ever get nominated for anything, not that it wouldnít be deserved. Next year, maybe. With that said, Starz stepped up its game this year with Boss, thanks in large part to Kelsey Grammerís fantastic performance as a scary Chicago mayor with a brain disease. Grammer not only received a nomination, but the series did as well.

Really new shows getting nominated...
Itís always a little surprising, though not entirely disappointing to see new shows nominated when they havenít even finished their first season. At least in the case of Homeland, the series will have finished its first season this weekend, but New Girl will still be working its way through its freshman season long after the Globes air. It seems a shade premature to give the series an award before we see the finished product... no?

Cable dominates the dramas...
This one isn't exactly much of a surprise. Last year, The Good Wife managed to earn itself the lone nomination for network TV dramas. This year, even without the presence of Mad Men taking a spot among the best Dramas, it was all cable, with FXís American Horror Story being the only non-pay-cable series to secure a nomination. And letís face it, in terms of the grittiness of the content, FX is about as close to pay-cable as it gets. Is this a matter of sex and violence winning out over the kinds of things network TV can offer? Or is cable simply where the talent is among the dramas?
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