Do It For Abed: Consider Giving Cougar Town A Chance

By Kelly West 4 years ago discussion comments
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Do It For Abed: Consider Giving Cougar Town A Chance image
At long last, Cougar Town is set to make its third season premiere on ABC next week. As someone who never took to the show, Iíve decided that come this Valentineís Day, Iím going to give it another shot. As a fan of NBCís Community, not only do I know what itís like to love a series thatís been set aside and put on a longer than average hiatus, but Community has a connection to Cougar Town and it may be the key to getting through this hiatus.

As a Community fan, it would be impossible to ignore the many nods to the ABC comedy series. The connection between the show may come from Community writers Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan, who wrote for Scrubs, which was created by Cougar Town's Bill Lawrence. But it isnít just Community's Abed who likes Cougar Town. Iíve heard enough hype from fans of the show to feel like it might be worth another look.

I know the series aren't interchangeable, and nothing can fill the void left by Community, but in honor of Abed, Iíve decided to dedicate the thirty minutes of time Iíd otherwise spend on Community each week toward Cougar Town. Maybe Iíll start to see in the comedy, whatever it is that other fans and Abed love so much. I canít promise that Iíll fall in love with the show, but I'll give it a chance. Feel free to join me if you're also in the market for a comedy in Community's absence.

In case youíre curious about the Cougar Town references made on Community, especially to those CT fans who havenít been watching the NBC, some helpful fan on YouTube combined them into one great video. Check it out below and consider giving Community a chance when(ever) the series returns!

For those of you who are already on board with Cougar Town, ABC released this featurette which shows what the cast members have been up to while their show was on hiatus. Cougar Town may have been off the air, but the cast found ways to make appearances on television in its absence. Did you spot them?

Cougar Town Season 3 premieres Tuesday, February 14th at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC.
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