Doctor Who Deleted And Behind-The-Scenes Videos Soothe The Loss Of Matt Smith

By Alicia Lutes 2 years ago discussion comments
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Itís so hard to let go of the past, especially when itís happening in the present. Fortunately, Doctor Who fans neednít look too far to soothe their raw souls at the exit of Matt Smith, as a deleted scene has been released by BBC America. Itís a Christmas miracle on Boxing Day! Prepare yourselves accordingly with a couple extra Jammy Dodgers for the eating of feelings. And after the walloper that was "The Time of The Doctor," we don't blame you.

In the brief clip Clara and Eleven have landed outside the Oswald homestead in an effort to save her from a yearís worth of family in one meal. Itís a sweet bit of quippy Doctor-and-Clara goodness to stave off the feeling of loss for just a few seconds more. Because itís Christmas, and at Christmas we all overindulge a little, donít we?

Besides! After five years with Matt Smith and the jarring arrival of new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, thereís a lot to process. So many Christmas Specials, so many memories, so many encounters with the Daleks and Cybermen. And with not nearly enough time with Handles, either. (Who knew that the a severed head could endear itself to us so quickly? Right?)

Though if you still havenít had your fill ó or are now entering masochist territory ó check out the 12-minute behind the scenes clip surrounding the filming of Smithís final scenes. Itís incredibly emotional, with footage from the table read of the last episode, glimpses of Smith as he films his last-ever scene for the series, and tearful goodbyes from everyone involved. Touching interactions amongst Smith, Jenna Coleman, and Steven Moffat abound, and when you see Elevenís face after being gifted his sonic screwdriver, youíre all but guaranteed to be emotionally ruined.

Though we might suggest not watching it until youíve come to terms with the future Doctor Capaldi and is discolored kidneys (whatever that means). Especially after how abrupt (to the point of almost feeling cruel) that switch over from Smith was. But boom goes the dynamite on Who, as time waits for no man ó not even a time-traveling space alien of a man. Sigh.

Doctor Who will not return to screens until this summer for its eighth season, meaning thereís still plenty of time to revisit and re-binge on old Matt Smith episodes before the hunt for Gallifrey continues. So go ahead and hit replay on that video ó we promise we wonít tell a soul.
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