Entourage Producers Sell Pot-Based Comedy Project To Fox

By Jessica Rawden 4 years ago discussion comments
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Entourage Producers Sell Pot-Based Comedy Project To Fox image
Fox is getting into the pot business. Well, not exactly. The network has bought a half-hour comedy project with a weed theme called The Happy Tree. Instead of focusing on growing the stuff or fighting a war on drugs, the upcoming project will deal with the pot legalization movement that gained prominence earlier this month after Colorado and Washington passed laws to regulate the plant.

The Happy Tree will center on a corporate attorney who decides he doesnít want to be a corporate attorney any more. This happens after he has a nervous breakdown. To combat his nerves, the young man moves to Venice Beach where he hopes to chill out and relax, although Venice Beach isn't the first place most people dream about when they think of relaxing. According to Deadline, instead, the former corporate lawyer becomes embroiled in the movement to legalize marijuana in the United States.

The Fox project comes from the guys behind Entourage Mark Wahlberg, Rob Weiss, and Steve Levinson. Weiss is actually writing The Happy Tree, alongside Jay Leggett and Blake Leibel.

Wahlbergís been dropping his imprint on projects across multiple networks lately. Most recently, he teamed up with A&E for a new reality pilot based on the women in The Fighter. The prolific actor and producer has also teamed up with author Malcolm Gladwell for a pilot at HBO, which will star Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunterís Benjamin Walker. Iím not certain if The Happy Tree will prove a winner for Fox, but at least Wahlberg has his hands tied up in a multitude of endeavors.
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