Watch Downton Abbey As A Super Nintendo Video Game

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If you love Downton Abbey and have a nostalgic spot in your heart for the video games of days past, youíre going to love this. In this satiric video, Kill Kiley has created a Super Nintendo version of the British series, complete with theme music that Iím willing to bet shows up as a ringtone for Downton fans everywhere soon.

The video shows a fantastically-detailed old-school video game version of Downton Abbey, and sends the player Ė as a new footman in the estate Ė on a variety of ridiculous and hilarious tasks in an effort to curry favor and get some inside dirt on the various inhabitants of the big house.

Some of the tasks are pushing the boundaries of belief if you know the people of Downton well. The Dowager Countess wouldnít be caught dead in a wood shed, and hiding her jewels for a footman to find, well thatís unthinkable. But no doubt the life of a footman at Downton must feel much like being caught in a strange game whose rules are hard to understand. I have to say, I remember the episode where they discussed the bouillon spoon, but I couldnít pick it out of a lineup.

Downton fans certainly need a little cheering up after last nightís episode - and donít click this link if you havenít seen it, there are major spoilers! Thankfully, Bill Kiley has turned the grand estate on its head in 8-bit splendor in this little gem of a video, so itís sure to provide a much needed smile on a Monday morning.
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