Wentworth Miller Headed To Princeton‑Plainsboro In A Guest Spot On House

By Kelly West 5 years ago discussion comments
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Wentworth Miller Headed To Princeton‑Plainsboro In A Guest Spot On House image
A certain former Prison Break star is set to make an appearance on House this season. From what I hear, House could probably use someone with prison-breaking experience, however thatís not what Wentworth Miller will be up to when he appears on the show. Spoilers ahead!

According to TV Line, Wentworth Miller, known to Prison Break fans as the resourceful and tattoo-covered Michael Scofield (or to Buffy fans as one of the swim team fish-creatures in ďGo FishĒ), will be guest-starring in House in the seriesí eighth season. And while House may be doing a stint in the poky, Millerís character will not be planning an elaborate scheme to break him out. TV Line reports that heís set to play a patient-of-the-week in an episode that takes place after House is out of jail.

Millerís character is described as an ďaltruist,Ē and his selflessness may actually be one of his symptoms. It certainly wouldnít be out of the ordinary for a patient to show up with certain, strong and noticeable personality traits that turn out to be a part of whatever medical issue theyíre having. Hopefully the character makes it through the episode. And even more hopefully, this isn't the last time we see Miller on TV anytime soon. Just thinking of him has me hankering for a Prison Break rewatch, and hoping we hear something about him returning to TV in a more permanent capacity sometime soon.

House returns to Fox on October 3rd. Millerís episode takes place at some point toward the end of October.
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