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American Idol Producers Are Suing A Former Winner, Get The Details
American Idol helped launch some major careers in its 15 seasons on FOX, but now it looks like one former winner has gotten on the producers' bad side.
American Idol's Rickey Smith Is Dead At 36
Tragedy has befallen the pool of past American Idol hopefuls, as former finalist Rickey Smith was killed in a multi-car crash on an Oklahoma highway on Thursday night. He was 36 years old.
How American Idol's Finale Performed In The Ratings
American Idol was once a ratings juggernaut for Fox, but not so much in recent years. Now, the series finale has aired, and the numbers for the last episode might surprise you.
Here's Who American Idol Is Probably Bringing Back For The Finale
Ever since Season 15 was declared to be the final season of American Idol, fans have been wondering what would be in store for the show. Now we know that some interesting old friends will be joining the festivities as the show says goodbye on Thursday.
How American Idol Could Reboot, According To The Creator
This winter, the final season premiered and there are only a few more episodes set to air before the last winner is announced and Idol closes up shop for the last time. Or will it be the last time?
13 Popular TV Shows That Should Have Ended Way Sooner
Of the TV shows that manage to reach pure greatness, however temporary, very few retain that level of quality throughout their entire runs. Here are 13 shows that should have come to a close well before they actually did, although some are very much still on the air.
Watch Kelly Clarkson Return To American Idol For One Final Performance
Season 15 hasn't been totally lacking in awesome moments. In fact, last night Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson returned to the stage and gave us an emotive and emotional performance. You can watch it, here.
Wait, Could American Idol Come Back After This Season? Ryan Seacrest Weighs In
American Idol is coming to an end on Fox after its currently airing Season 15. At least, that's what Fox said. But Ryan Seacrest has something of a different answer when it comes to the reality show's future.
Clay Aiken's Hilariously Blunt Response To American Idol's Final Season Premiere
Earlier tonight, American Idol kicked off Season 15, its final set of episodes, and while some may have thought the show would pull out all the stops to bring last season’s dismal ratings back up to past highs, Clay Aiken is here to shoot those dreams down.
How American Idol's Other Host Feels About Missing Out
Brian Dunkleman’s career hasn’t really picked up in the time since, so obviously the man missed out on a lot of fame, fortune and prominence in the Hollywood community. Here’s how he feels about missing out on American Idol fame.
9 Great TV Shows That Are Ending In 2016
While more are certain to be announced as the months go by, here are 9 great shows that we already know are coming to an end in 2016, from comedies to dramas and everything in between. Join us in mourning their future departures.
The One American Idol Elimination That Still Bothers Randy Jackson
Having left American Idol in 2013, Randy Jackson has had two years to look back and reflect on his time behind the judge’s table. And it turns out there's still one elimination that doesn't sit quite right with him.
2016 Midseason Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows
Because shows leave the air for a big chunk of the winter, fans are often left on big cliffhangers, including deaths, secret love affairs and more. The good news? We can already tell you when some of your favorites will be coming back.
2015 Midseason TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows
We’ve compiled a handy guide of 2015 premiere and return dates. The schedule is a work in progress, and dates are subject to change as we head into midseason season. In the meantime, if there's a new or returning show you don't see on here, feel free to leave a comment and we'll see if we can dig up the date for you.
The Blunt Reason Why American Idol Will Probably Have Less Episodes This Season
The end of American Idol represents the end of an era. Despite its legacy, the show has fallen on hard times, and as such the powers that be don’t seem to keen on the idea of making American Idol’s final season quite as long as previous outings.
American Idol's Final Season Will Bring Back Some Familiar Faces, Get The Details
We all know that next year will be the last time American Idol will cross our TV screens. And since many shows spend their last seasons looking back on the past while reliving some former glory, it should come as no surprise that American Idol will be doing the same thing.
Why Ellen DeGeneres Hated Being An American Idol Judge
Have you ever had a job that you hated through and through? For talk show host extraordinaire Ellen DeGeneres, that job was being a panel judge on American Idol, and that's mostly because she doesn't like being a rude jerk to people.
Mariah Carey Rips On American Idol, Admits She Hated The Experience On The Show
American Idol has cycled through a decent number of judges over the years, but it’s clear that some of those judges have liked the gig more than others. Recently Mariah Carey spoke out to say she absolutely hated being on American Idol for one paltry season.
The American Idol Finale Ratings Were Pretty Terrible, Further Proof It Needs To End
When Fox made the decision to end American Idol just a few short days ago, the network announced they wanted the singing competition to end while it could still go out with a bang. Unfortunately, it looks like we've already hit the whimper stage.
American Idol Is Ending, Get The Details
Well, Fox just made an earth-shattering move. The network announced today that American Idol will be ending its run, although not immediately .Currently, the veteran singing competition series is airing Season 14, and the network has plans to move forward with the show for a little longer.

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