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Mariah's World Cancelled At E!, No Season 2 Happening

After a one season (tumultuous) stint at American Idol, Carey launched her own series this past year on E!, titled Mariah's World. And it looks like E! isn't bringing it back for Season 2.

Ryan Seacrest Officially Returning For American Idol Reboot

After months of negotiations, Ryan Seacrest is officially returning for the American Idol reboot.

How Fox Is Probably Trying To Compete With American Idol's Reboot

American Idol is returning to the small screen, but not on its original network of Fox. Now, Fox may be trying to compete with the reboot in a brand new way.

All The TV Reboots And Revivals That We Can't Wait To Watch

What's old is new again, and that's definitely true where TV is concerned. Here are all the biggest and best TV shows getting rebooted and revived for today's audiences.

Ryan Seacrest Could Return To American Idol, On One Condition

The former American Idol host is prepared to return, provided his demands are met.

Why Simon Cowell Doesn't Want To Return To American Idol Ever Again

Original American Idol judge Simon Cowell has become an icon of the franchise, but he has no revealed why he doesn't ever want to return to the series.

How American Idol Adding Katy Perry Affects The Rest Of The Show

The new American Idol reboot at ABC shelled out a big chunk of change to sign superstar Katy Perry as a host. Now, we have an idea of how that deal will impact the rest of the show.

The Crazy Amount Of Money Katy Perry Will Be Making For American Idol

ABC's American Idol signed music superstar Katy Perry as its first judge. Now we have an idea of how much she'll be making, and it's a pretty crazy amount.

American Idol Just Landed A Huge Star For Its First Judge

News has been breaking over the past couple of weeks about the new ABC reboot of American Idol. Now we know the name of one of the new judges, and it's definitely an A-lister.

The Voice's Newest Coach Is An American Idol Vet

NBC's The Voice is getting things set up for Season 14 and they just nabbed a big new coach in one well-known American Idol veteran. Read on to get the details.

Simon Cowell Was Asked To Return To American Idol, Here's What He Said

When American Idol returns, ABC apparently wants people to see the exact same show it was when it debuted on Fox. Here's what Simon Cowell said about potentially returning.

American Idol's Reboot May Have Found Its Host

The latest reboot to make headlines has been American Idol over on ABC. Now, the network may have found the perfect host for the reboot.

American Idol's Former Executive Producer Has Some Choice Words About The Reboot

Reality competition series American Idol is set to return to the small screen for a reboot, and the original executive producer has some interesting thoughts on the matter.

American Idol Reboot Is Officially Happening

American Idol spent many years entertaining audiences with its golden-throated contestants (and beyond). Well, get ready, because it's coming back.

How American Idol's Reboot Could Get Ryan Seacrest Back As Host

Ryan Seacrest spent over a decade fronting American Idol on Fox, and with a revival in the words at another network, his involvement seems almost necessary. But could it happen?

The American Idol Reboot Might Actually Be Happening This Time

Practically ever since American Idol went off the air back in 2016, there have been talks of a possible reboot. Now, progress on a potential reboot may have been made it a big way.

Why One RuPaul's Drag Race Star Is Suing For Millions

One of Drag Race's biggest stars is suing for millions, and this could get messy.

Why American Idol Might Not Get Rebooted As Soon As We Thought

American Idol was once one of the biggest shows on television, and it seems like a prime candidate for reboot. Now, however, a reboot might not happen for a huge reason.

Could An American Idol Reboot End Up At NBC? Here's What The Network Says

American Idol came to an end on Fox in 2016, and there are already talks of a reboot on a different network. Check out what NBC has to say about the possibility!

American Idol May Come Back With Another Network

American Idol spent 15 years on Fox wowing fans with its vocal talents, but it looks like another network wants to bring it back for more.

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