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Will Girl Meets World Get Renewed At Another Network? Here's What The Creator Says
After months of speculation, Girl Meets World was officially canceled last week. Now fans are wondering if there's hope for the show to get a reprieve from another network. Well, the show's creator has an answer for you.
Girl Meets World Cancelled, Season 4 Not Happening At Disney
After one of the more surprisingly tumultuous "will they?/won't they?" periods in recent TV renewal history, Girl Meets World's fate has been sealed.
How The Halloweentown Stars Paid Tribute To Debbie Reynolds
Silver screen legend Debbie Reynolds passed away earlier this week, and those who knew her have been coming out to share their memories of their time with her. Her Halloweentown co-stars were among those to pay tribute in some wonderful ways.
Has Girl Meets World Been Cancelled? Here's What Rider Strong Says
With no word on Season 4, Girl Meets World fans remain worried about an impending cancellation, and that appeared to have been confirmed by the show's co-star Rider Strong.
Is Girl Meets World Season 4 Happening? Here's What We Know
Girl Meets World is really going all out for the end of Season 3, putting together an episode that is set to feature a slew of fan favorites from the original TV series. Could it keep going in the future?
Boy Meets World's Eric Matthews Made A Presidential Ad And It's Perfect
Boy Meets World's Eric Matthews has officially released an ad for his own presidential campaign, and it shows everything we've ever wanted in a candidate. Check it out!
Shawn Hunter Just Got Married On Girl Meets World, Shattering Millions Of Former Tweens' Hearts
Since its premiere, Disney's Girl Meets World has made a regular habit of trying to get a rise out of older Boy Meets World fans, but tonight's episode probably didn't win over anyone who spent part of the 1990s with posters of Rider Strong all over their walls.
The Lizzie McGuire Creator Has A New Show Coming, Get The Details
TV is all about nostalgia right now, which is why we are getting reboots of shows like Gilmore Girls and MacGyver. Disney's got a new plan, too.
Girl Meets World Is Returning To The Lodge Where Cory Cheated On Topanga
Girl Meets World often takes advantage of being a TV sequel by using Boy Meets World to inform some of its stories. Now, the comedy is heading back to a dark time in Cory and Topanga's past.
Disney Channel Is Dropping The Most Epic Marathon Ever
The Disney Channel has done some great things over the years, including but not limited to introducing Disney Channel Original Movies and creating a Boy Meets World spinoff. Now the channel is trying something even more epic.
Obsession Actually Paid Off For Hardcore Disney Fan Now Dating Teen Star
Who among us, as a young person, didn’t have dreams of meeting (or even dating) our favorite teen heart throbs and hotties? It would probably be fair to say that most of us did, in fact, have some intense imaginings about our chosen stars. Well, one young New Yorker has just made her own dreams come true.
Disney Channel Finally Beats Nickelodeon's 19-Year Streak
While primetime is generally the most important part of the programming block for many networks, it's not quite as important for children's networks, where the full day is geared to attract young eyes. Disney knows this, and now it has bragging rights.
The Lion King TV Show Fills Out Its Cast
One of the most celebrated movies in the world, The Lion King is soon coming back into our lives in a huge way, as Disney Channel and Disney Junior are gearing up for a TV movie sequel and follow-up series. Casting has mostly been completed, and we will be hearing voice actors both new to the franchise and some that are quite familiar.
First Look At Jack's Big Return On Girl Meets World
Older Girl Meets World viewers can get down with the many callbacks to the flagship series Boy Meets World. Many leads from the latter show have returned, but there’s one we haven’t seen yet: Jack Hunter. Scratch that, because here he is!
Raven-Symone Is Returning To Disney Channel, Get The Details
Unfortunately, or fortunately, which ever way you look at it, most Disney stars will always be recognized for their childhood roles. One prime example of this is Raven-Symoné. There’s no getting away from her role as Raven Baxter on That’s So Raven.
Disney's Tangled Is Getting Its Own TV Show, Get The Details
Before the $1.2 billion juggernaut that was Frozen, the $600 million Tangled was actually considered a huge hit at the box office. Well, it appears somebody else remembers this tragically overlooked film, and it's getting its own brand new TV series!
Descendants Trailer: Watch The Kids Of Classic Disney Villains
For over 70 years, we’ve been watching one Disney villain after another create havoc for some of the most beloved heroes of fiction, and now it’s time for those ruffians to pass the torch. Check out the offspring-filled trailer for Descendants.
Girl Meets World Is Bringing Back These 2 Boy Meets World Characters
By serving itself up as a sequel series instead of a reboot, Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World is allowed to be a haven for Boy Meets World reunions, and it’s a tactic they’ve used often enough. And now two more characters will be coming back for Season 2.
Adventures In Babysitting Is Coming Back, Get The Totally Rad Details
The 1980s are alive and well in TV and movie development – to say nothing of what’s already out there – and Chris Columbus' Adventures in Babysitting is the latest beloved flick getting remade for today's audiences.
New Internet Streaming Service To Offer Top Cable Channels For Cheap
Even people who are willing to shell out more than $100 bucks for cable each month knows the service is expensive. Certain companies, like Netflix and HBO, have already been working to bring homes cheaper ways to access content. This week, another service entered the fray.

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