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First Look At The Giant Boy Meets World Reunion Coming To Girl Meets World
When it comes to paying homages to source material, few pieces of fiction out there can claim to be as prolific as Disney Channel's Girl Meets World, and the upcoming Season 3 finale will bring back a ton of Boy Meets World characters. Check them all out in the first look!
All The Huge Stars Heading To The Girl Meets World Finale
Girl Meets World has been a delightful little series worth watching for both kids and any adults who fell in love with the original Boy Meets World series. The Season 3 finale is fast approaching, and we can expect to see some familiar faces.
Why Family Guy Is Probably Done With Star Wars Episodes
The Family Guy producers have finally revealed why we won't be getting any more Star Wars parody episodes any time soon. The answer is a little blunter than you'd guess.
Girl Meets World Just Recreated The Classic Boy Meets World Intro, And It's Awesome
The show has done well enough that Disney has signed on for a third season of the sitcom. Now, the Girl Meets World team has put together a brand new intro that pays homage to Boy Meets World.
Watch The Simpsons' Wonderful Disney-Inspired Couch Gag
We can never be sure what we'll get when it comes to the weekly Simpsons couch gag. The latest has been inspired by some of the best Disney animation from over the years, and it's just plain wonderful to watch.
Girl Meets World Is Adding A Huge TGIF Star
Girl Meets World has been a pretty popular series for the Disney Channel. It helps that the series is a spinoff of the well-known show Boy Meets World, and features some of the characters from the original series.
Big Hero 6 Is Heading To TV, Get The Details
Films being adapted for television isn’t exactly a revolutionary concept as more and more movies are slated to hit the small screen. Still, there’s definitely one project worth getting majorly excited about, and it just so happens to be airing on Disney XD. The digital cable channel will bring a television adaptation of the 2014 hit Big Hero 6, and it looks fantastic.
Check Out The Gravity Falls Creator's Touching Thank You To Fans
Much to the dismay of fans everywhere, the Gravity Falls is coming to an end. Hopefully, fans can find some sense of relief in knowing that the series creator has some very kind words for them.
Will Star Wars Ever Get A Live Action TV Show? Here's What We Know
Now that the Star Wars franchise is back in full swing on the big screen, could this mean there’s renewed hope for a live action TV series to finally air? Read on to find out.
ESPN Is Starting To Have Real Ratings Problems
Thanks to a wide variety of live sporting events and an army of the more famous athletic analysts on television, the Disney subsidiary has been able to demand the highest carriage fees from every cable company. Unfortunately for ESPN, however, the days of printing money may be coming to an end.
Looks Like Shia LaBeouf Had An Incredible Time Watching The Even Stevens Movie
If you haven’t been watching Shia LaBeouf watch all of his movies over the past several days, you’ve seriously been missing out. Yesterday, when the actor reached the early portion of his career. Fans of the actor were privy to watching him watch such classics as Holes and The Even Stevens Movie.
The Lion King TV Show Fills Out Its Cast
One of the most celebrated movies in the world, The Lion King is soon coming back into our lives in a huge way, as Disney Channel and Disney Junior are gearing up for a TV movie sequel and follow-up series. Casting has mostly been completed, and we will be hearing voice actors both new to the franchise and some that are quite familiar.
Watch Darth Vader Wreak Havoc In Star Wars Rebels Video
The impending return of Star Wars Rebels is closing in as fast as a T-16 Skyhopper on a womp rat. Last March’s finale for the debut season teased that Season 2 will have the Empire pulling out A-list personnel with none other than Darth Vader to hunt down Kanan, Ezra and the Ghost crew. Based on this new clip, it’s pretty clear that it’s going to be a long, devastating season for our heroes.
Disney's Tangled Is Getting Its Own TV Show, Get The Details
Before the $1.2 billion juggernaut that was Frozen, the $600 million Tangled was actually considered a huge hit at the box office. Well, it appears somebody else remembers this tragically overlooked film, and it's getting its own brand new TV series!
Are Marvel And Star Wars Getting Their Own Networks?
Most of us probably never pictured a world where Star Wars and Marvel each had their own cable networks, but that could be on the horizon from Disney.
Will Star Wars Rebels Crossover With The Movies?
Animated epic series, Star Wars Rebels has certainly proved its worth in the expanding newly-reorganized canon of the Star Wars mythology. Yet, more than anything, its characters have carved out a place in the hearts of long-time fans old and young, alike.
A Lot Of Boy Meets World Characters Will Show Up In Girl Meets World Season 2
Memorable characters from Boy Meets World stop by in Season 2 of Girl Meets World, giving fans of the former Disney show some long awaited full circle moments.
Star Wars May Get A Live Action TV Show, Get The Details
The possibility of a Star Wars live action TV show may ring familiar to anyone who has been following the news cycle long enough. However, it seems that things are starting to line up to where such a project might finally be possible.
The Star Wars Movies Will Be Retold On New TV Show, Get The Awesome Details
There’s been a lot of good Star Wars content on TV recently, much of it due to the success of Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD. This week, the network announced it has picked up a brand new animated Star Wars franchise program, and this one has an incredibly cool premise and format.
DuckTales Is Returning To Television, Get The Details
The former Disney series DuckTales has always had a pretty big following, with Mondo posters, video game rereleases and more paying homage to the series in recent years. Now, Disney XD has plans to introduce DuckTales to an entire new generation.
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