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Scream Renewed For Season 3 At MTV
While MTV's Scream might not be a ratings juggernaut, we've got good news for fans of the Lakewood Six.
A War Of The Worlds TV Show Is In The Works At The Last Network You'd Expect
A new adaptation of the War of the Worlds novel is in the works for the small screen. The classic alien invasion story could make for great television, and it's in production at a network that few of us would have guessed.
Britney Spears Admits She Can't Remember Anything About Her First VMAs
Britney Spears has a history of headline-grabbing performances at the VMAs, but that doesn't mean she remembers all of them. Check out how much the singer remembers from her first time at the VMAs back in 1999.
Watch Michael Phelps Lose It During Jimmy Fallon's Ryan Lochte VMAs Impression
Most viewers watching thought it was very funny, including other Olympian Michael Phelps, who was attending the awards ceremony. You can give his amazing reaction a watch.
How The Challenge Winner Royally Screwed Over His Partner
Given how fleeting in nature a lot of competitive reality shows are, there isn't always the chance for longterm relationships to build up, but MTV's The Challenge: Rivals is built directly upon such relatively rare circumstances, and one contestant pulled the most shocking move in recent TV history.
The Real Reason Lauren Conrad Has Trouble Watching Old Episodes Of The Hills
Not everyone can comfortably revisit things they've done creatively in the past, and entertainer and fashion designer Lauren Conrad has more than a few reservations about randomly throwing on old episodes of her former show The Hills.
MTV's New Channel Will Air Its Classic 90s Programming
MTV has gone through a lot changes over the years, and the 90s can be considered a golden age that more or less balanced music with TV series. A new MTV channel will take viewers back to that golden age in some exciting ways.
Teen Wolf Is Ending, Get The Details
Fans of MTV's Teen Wolf should hold on to their...fangs. It turns out that the show won't be on the air for too much longer.
Beavis And Butt-Head May Make An Unexpected Return, Here’s What We Know
Beavis and Butt-Head already did their comeback tour back in 2011, but it seems creator Mike Judge is interested in bringing the series back once again...with possibly one major difference.
Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans Accuses MTV Of Unfair Portrayal
Reality television is really only loosely based on reality, and it seems the Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has had enough of MTV editing material to make her look bad.
Whoops! MTV Accidentally Played Fresh Prince During Prince Tribute Marathon
Yesterday, many of us were distraught to learn that Prince had died at the age of 57. People headed online to share their grief and many celebrities shared stories of times they had spent with the prolific musician and singer.
MTV's Cribs Is Coming Back, But Not How You Think
Has it felt like entirely too many years since you’ve gotten a chance to vicariously live through a celebrity for a while by exploring their giant houses on MTV’s Cribs? Well, it's coming back, but with one gigantic change.
The Awesome Way MTV Honored Prince
This has been a sad day for lovers of music, as legendary artist Prince has passed away. His death is a blow to the music business, and MTV has found a way to honor him in a way that is both awesome and touching.
MTV Is Bringing Back The Music, Here's What We Know
The news is coming just a few weeks after Viacom executive Philippe Dauman made some bold statements, noting that the next year will be “a landmark” for MTV. Go ahead, get a little excited.
The Scream Season 2 Teaser Is Creepy And Awesome
After a successful and suspenseful first season, it was immediately announced that Scream would be back for a second season. Now, MTV has given us the first peek into Season 2 with a mysterious teaser.
Major Changes Are Coming To MTV
MTV used to be the channel that teens and young adults looked to for their cultural touchstones. In the past few years, though, the channel has seen a decline in interest, so, the station is planning some big changes to stem the tide of defecting viewers.
What MTV's Co-Creator Thinks Of What The Network Has Become
It can’t be easy for anybody to watch something change in a big way when they poured their energy into the foundation, so it must be incredibly difficult for MTV co-creator Tom Freston to watch the network resemble less and less what he helped to build. Here's what he thinks of it now.
Former MTV Host And X Games Legend Dave Mirra Found Dead Of Apparent Suicide
In the world of BMX, there is arguably no bigger name than former MTV personality and X Games legend Dave Mirra. Sadly, the athlete was found dead today of an apparent suicide.
4 Cable Networks That Lost A Lot Of Viewers In 2015
With 2015 winding down, it’s time to networks to look back and see what worked and what didn’t over the past year. The numbers are better for some channels than others, but four networks in particular saw significant drops in viewership.
Tragic Helicopter Crash Kills Two Associated With MTV's The Challenge
Reality TV programs are generally extremely keen regarding the safety of contestants and crew, but accidents do still happen. Over the weekend, the MTV series The Challenge was filming in Argentina when two people associated with filming the reality series crashed in a helicopter.
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