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The Fun Way The Big Bang Theory May Bring The Flash Into Season 10
The Big Bang Theory's love for all things comic-book knows no bounds. The show recently headed into production for Season 10, and it looks as if The Flash will be coming in once more.
A Vampire Diaries Star Is Heading To The Flash As A New Villain
With Season 3 still a short ways away, Flash news has been dropping left and right, and a lot of it has centered on the variety of threats that Barry will face both during and after his Flashpoint excursion. Now we know who one Vampire Diaries star will be playing.
Why The CW's DC Universe Doesn't Need To Stick To The Comic Books
Comic TV shows are all the rage right now, but most of them take some pretty extreme liberties from the source material. According Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim, there's a big reason why The CW's DC universe goes its own way.
The Flash First Look: Check Out Joey King As Magenta
Check out the first good look at actress Joey King as Magenta on the upcoming season of The Flash.
Is Black Flash Coming To The Flash? Here's What The EP Says
Barry Allen's life was plagued by Earth-2 villain Zoom throughout Season 2, and it all ended on a strange note that seemed to indicate comic character Black Flash would show up in the future. Is that the case?
The Flash Just Added Another Female Villain
The cast of rogues continues to grow, as The Flash has just added another female villain to its Season 3 ensemble.
The Flash Has Found Its New Female Villain, Check Her Out
If the sun is shining outside right now, that means there is news out there about a new villain from The Flash, and today is no exception. Check out who was just cast for Season 3!
Why The Flash Keeps Using Speedster Villains
The Flash has incorporated all kinds of crazy villains over the two seasons so far, but both big bads have been speedsters, and Season 3 will feature a third. According to one producer, they have a very good reason for all the speedy supervillains.
The Hilarious Easter Egg The Flash Has Been Hiding In Certain Scenes
The Flash can take things to some pretty dark extremes at times, but that's mostly plot-based stuff. When it comes to keeping things light and airy on the set, this show is apparently gold, as evidenced by a great little easter egg that repeatedly pops up.
How The Flash's New Speedster Villain Is Different Than Reverse-Flash Or Zoom
The Flash follows the adventures of a young man with superspeed, and it made sense that his first two big bads were also speedsters. Season 3 will feature Barry's third speedster nemesis, but this new bad guy will set himself apart from the two who came before.
The Flash Season 3: Which Big Bad We Should Be Most Excited For
Unlike The Flash's previous two seasons, Season 3 will have two main antagonists troubling Barry Allen. Here's why fans should be especially excited for one of them.
Is Joss Whedon Directing A Flash And Supergirl Crossover Episode?
In addition to the massive four series DC/CW crossover event, Supergirl and The Flash will also have their own adventure but with a twist: it will be a musical episode. Now we have an idea of who may direct the event.
The Awesome Way The Flash Is Bringing Gorilla Grodd Back In Season 3
Gorilla Grodd will return in Season 3 of The Flash, and his next appearance will be unlike anything we've seen from him before. In fact, it's going to be something you shouldn't miss.
The Flash Just Revealed The Second Big Bad Coming To Season 3
Though Barry Allen will get to smile more than usual when his time-flip allows him a Flashpoint-set respite from his former troubles, it will all come back to haunt him. And now we know who the second Big Bad of Season 3 will be.
A Major Character From The CW's DC Comics Shows Is About To Come Out
Greg Berlanti announced that the Arrow-verse will continue to embrace diversity, as a major character will soon publicly come out.
What We Know About The Flash And Supergirl's Musical Crossover
Anything is possible in the world of crossovers. Still, if anything is possible, I'm super surprised about what's happening over at the CW.
The Flash Just Cast A Big Comic Book Villain For Season 3
Season 3 of The Flash is going to be a wild one for the villains, when you take into account the Flashpoint storyline and the multiple Big Bads. And now we have a classic villain finally making an appearance.
Looks Like The Flash Is Adding Three More Villains For Season 3
If anyone was expecting The Flash to put on the brakes on all the drama so that Barry could soak up his new Flashpoint life with his alive and non-incarcerated parents, think again. Here are three more villains on the way.
How Supergirl Is Probably Becoming A Part Of The Flash's Universe
Will Supergirl become a part of the rest of the Arrow-verse? Here's what could be happening.
The Flash Just Cast Caitlin Snow's Mother And She's Perfect
Season 3 of The Flash will finally give a closer look at the family of Caitlin Snow. Now, we know just who will be playing her mom, and the casting is pretty fantastic.

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