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How One Of The Flash's Other Earths Fits Into Flashpoint
Flashpoint will change up everything about Barry Allen's world, at least temporarily, and it looks like his Earth won't be the only one set up for some alterations.
How The Flash Will Reference Tom Felton's Harry Potter History
With the upcoming introduction of CSI whiz Julian, Harry Potter fans will get to watch actor Tom Felton make his debut in the DC TV universe, and the show won't be ignoring the actor's past.
Watch The Flash And The Rival Flash Go At It In Awesome New Season 3 Trailer
The Flash knows a thing or two about fighting supervillains that also have fast feet and use "flash" in their names, and in this new Season 3 trailer, Barry goes up against The Rival Flash. Check it out!
5 Specific Ways Flashpoint May Affect Arrow
Check out our list of five specific ways in which The Flash's Flashpoint story arc could affect the fifth season of The CW's Arrow.
The Flash Is Probably Bringing A Popular Side Character Back For Season 3
Once a character leaves The Flash, it's pretty much assumed that his or her absence will only be a temporary one, and Season 3 may bring back another familiar face.
The Flash And Other CW Shows Will Soon Be Free For Anyone, Get The Details
The CW will never be a network that draws the same numbers as any of the Big Three, but it has been drawing bigger audiences in recent years thanks to its superhero series. Folks without access to The CW will soon be able to stream any of its shows free of charge.
The Flash Season 3 Will Bring One Big Villain Back For Kevin Smith's Episode
Characters never really go away on The Flash, they just become something else usually. Or not. In any case, one big villain is returning for Season 3, and it'll be the episode that Kevin Smith is directing!
The Flash's Biggest Change From The Flashpoint Comic Story
When The Flash drops Season 3 on viewers next month, the changes will come fast and furious, initially because of the Flashpoint narrative's introduction. Here's the biggest difference between the comic and TV version.
One Big Change The Flash Is Making For One Of Its Villains In Season 3
There will be some major changes coming for Barry and Team Flash during Season 3. Now we know that one of the show's comic book villains will also have something very different about them when they finally make their appearance on the series.
How The Flash Will Be Used For The Big Bang Theory Season 10
The Big Bang Theory has always worn its pop culture obsessions on its sleeves, and Season 10 will bring in Sheldon's beloved superhero The Flash. Here's what to expect from that.
Watch The Flash's Tom Cavanagh Go Off On Everyone In Hilarious Season 2 Gag Reel
Check out a hilarious new gag reel from The Flash's second season, which pretty much proves that Tom Cavanagh is the best thing to ever happen to the Arrow-verse.
How The Flash Is Changing Cisco For Season 3
The Flash will be making some big changes to old characters when it comes back for Season 3, and Barry's buddy Cisco will look especially different. Now, we know just how Season 3 Cisco will stand out from Seasons 1 - 2 Cisco.
Katie Cassidy Will Be Back On Arrow Sooner Than We Thought
It turns out that actress Katie Cassidy will return to Arrow for Season 5 far earlier than any of us had previously anticipated.
How Kevin Smith's Next Flash Episode Will Be Different
Kevin Smith, and his fans, stood up and cheered when he was chosen to direct an episode of The Flash last season. Then the cheers started up again when we all found out he was heading back behind the camera for Season 3. Now we know how this episode will differ from his previous one.
The Flash Creator Is Bringing Another Badass DC Comics Character To TV, Get The Details
A superhero empire was built over on The CW, and it looks like Flash and Arrow co-creator Greg Berlanti will be adding to his already massive slate with a show about another badass comic superhero.
One Classic DC Actress Is Down To Appear In Arrow And The Flash's TV Universe
The CW's current DC Comics universe is superb at incorporating the bevy of memorable actors and actresses from past DC projects, and one of the best of the bunch is down to make an appearance.
Check Out What Flashpoint Will Look Like In These All-New Season 3 Flash Photos
Check out some brand new photos from the upcoming Season 3 premiere of The Flash and get excited for the Scarlet Speedster's imminent return!
The Flash Is Making A Big Change To One Character In Season 3
We knew that Team Flash was going to have its collective hands full when Season 3 of The Flash kicked off, considering how many villains were involved. And now there's someone else that will likely enter the fray.
Watch The Flash's Grant Gustin Race An Adorable Young Fan On Set
The Flash's Barry Allen has faced off against speedsters ranging from Reverse-Flash to Zoom, but Flash star Barry Allen faced a much younger foe in a recent race on the Flash set.
One Major Flash Actor Was Originally Supposed To Play Jay Garrick
The Jay Garrick mystery was a huge plot throughout Season 2 of The Flash. As it turns out, a different actor was originally set to play the role of Jay, and The Flash would be very different today if he had.

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