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How The Big DC TV Crossover Did For The CW In The Ratings
So, we know by now that The CW did good with their massive four show crossover last week, but how well did the network do, exactly? Well, we have the answer for you.
The Flash Just Revealed Where Savitar Came From
The Flash spent the first half of Season 3 building up the mystery of new bad guy Savitar. The midseason finale finally revealed his origin, and it's pretty crazy.
The Flash Just Gave Barry A New Tragedy With A Big Twist
Fans of The Flash have watched Barry Allen witness one tragedy after another in a life filled with misguided decisions. And tonight's midseason finale was no different, but there was a big twist involved.
Why Supergirl's Lynda Carter Wasn't In The Big DC TV Crossover As Planned
Lynda Carter almost appeared in the big DC TV crossover this week. Here's why she didn't make the final cut.
Why Crossovers Between Supergirl And Other DC Shows Will Probably Happen More Often Now
The finale of the 4-way Arrow-verse crossover made interactions between Supergirl and the rest of The CW's DC series much easier to pull off. Get the details!
How The Big DC Crossover Is Making The Flash And Arrow More Like The Comics
Tonight's Legends of Tomorrow capped off the most recent DC/CW mega-crossover, and with it came lots of big reveals, with one possibly making this show and others more like the comics.
The Top 5 Shows Of 2016, According To Google
2016 is coming to an end, and the time is now to look back at the best and worst of TV over the past year. Check out our breakdown of which shows were the top 5 for Google.
How The Flash Did In The Ratings During The Second Part Of The Crossover
The Arrow-verse crossover technically commenced with Supergirl on Monday night, but it really kicked into high gear with last night's episode of The Flash. But did viewers turn up for it?
Why The DC Crossover Would Have Been The Perfect Opportunity To Merge Supergirl's World With The Main Universe
Here's why it was a wasted opportunity not to merge Supergirl's Earth with Earth-1 during the crossover.
How The Flash's Crossover Just Made The Legends Of Tomorrow Cast Bigger
The Flash just aired its part of the massive four show crossover event for DC shows on The CW, and the episode just made a pretty big change to Legends of Tomorrow. Get the details.
The Major Reveals The Flash's Big Crossover Episode Just Gave Us
The big four-show crossover on The CW got into full swing with the latest episode of The Flash, which delivered some epic reveals about what's to come. Check them all out here!
Just Who The Hell Is Mark Hamill Playing In The Flash Season 3?
After getting our official first look at Mark Hamill's return to The Flash for the midseason finale, we're starting to wonder just who it is he'll be playing, since he looks a little...different.
How The Flash's Midseason Finale Will Completely Change Up Season 3
During its third season, The Flash completely flipped the previous years' scripts with Flashpoint and its subsequent reversal, and it sounds like the show is due for another change-up.
How Arrow's Diggle Will React After Learning Of His Pre-Flashpoint Life
The ripples of Flashpoint went through the entire Arrow-verse, and one of the bigger changes was that Diggle's daughter was replaced with a son. Find out how Diggle will react when he eventually learns about the changes to the timeline.
How The Flash Is Helping Kevin Smith Make The Movies He Wants
Kevin Smith has been expanding his work on TV lately, most notably on The Flash, and he shared his thoughts on how The Flash is actually helping out the feature film side of his career.
Check Out The Hilarious Frozen Easter Egg You Probably Missed In The Flash
Easter Eggs in comic book related TV show and movies are nothing new, but it's rare that those Easter Eggs reference non-comic properties. Well, leave it to The Flash to break the mold with a nod to Disney's Frozen in the latest episode.
The Flash Just Revealed Alchemy's Real Identity, And Wow
The Flash ended last week's episode with the reveal of the all new (and pretty blue) big bad Savitar, and tonight ended with a reveal about the other major villain, Alchemy.
First Look At Laurel Lance's Return To Arrow Will Make Olicity Fans Want To Scream
If you are still holding onto hope for Olicity, or even if you're against it, you'll probably want to scream after checking out these new photos of Laurel Lance's return to Arrow for the four-show invasion crossover.
A Heroes Star Is Heading To The Flash
Usually, news about The Flash's new cast members breaks long before their characters actually show up, but that's not at all the case today.
The Flash Just Introduced Its Crazy New Villain Savitar
Over the past five episodes of The Flash, we have seen Central City deal with many villains, but there hadn't been a whiff or a whisper about this season's other big bad Savitar, at least until tonight!

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