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The Flash's Best Guest Star Is Returning For Season 3
The Flash has brought a wide variety of talented guest stars to Central City for adventures with the Scarlet Speedster. One of the most entertaining will be back for Season 3, and Barry may not be 100% thrilled about it.
The Crazy Way Kid Flash Could Return To The Flash
The Flashpoint timeline of The Flash Season 3 featured a Wally West as the speedster Kid Flash. He didn't get to keep the powers for long, but he may have a way to get them back.
One Major Plot The Flash Will Focus On During Season 3
The Flash has an awful lot going on so far in Season 3, and it's hard to say which plots are here to stay and which will be dropped early on. One Flash exec has come out and revealed one plot will receive plenty of attention from here on out.
Why Flashpoint Was Only One Episode, According To One Flash Producer
The Flashpoint story arc only took up a single episode of The Flash's third season, but there was a very specific reason for that creative decision. Get the details!
The Flash: First Look At Mirror Master Already Has Barry In Trouble
The Flash introduced another metahuman from Doctor Alchemy's stable tonight, but it was the first look at Mirror Master in a trailer for next week's episode that got us most excited.
Why The Flash Is Bringing Back Wells' Daughter
The Flash Season 3 will be returning Harrison and Jesse Wells to Earth-1 after sending them back to Earth-2 at the end of Season 2. As it turns out, Wells has a pretty urgent reason for returning with his daughter.
Did The Flash Go Too Far With Its First Big Change To Arrow?
Barry Allen has spent the first couple episodes of The Flash Season 3 dealing with all of the unintentional changes he caused after meddling with the timeline. The second episode revealed a huge change that will affect Arrow rather than The Flash, and it's kind of a big deal.
What Alchemy Is Doing On The Flash
The second episode of The Flash wasted no time in getting the villains going again. Barry had to face off against the one-two punch of Rival and Alchemy, and now we know what Alchemy's plan is for Central City.
How The Flash Will Lighten Things Up After Flashpoint
The Flash is generally the lightest superhero series on The CW, but it's taken a dark turn thanks to the Flashpoint storyline. Fortunately for fans who dislike darkness, the show will take certain steps to lighten up as Season 3 gets into gear.
The Flash Plays Major Role In Epic New Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer
A brand new trailer for the second season of Legends of Tomorrow teases a huge role for Barry Allen in the future. Check it out!
How To Watch The Flash And Arrow Season Premieres Streaming For Free
Anyone looking for The Flash and Arrow season premieres on Hulu are going to be sorely disappointed. But you can still easily watch both premieres for free.
Has The Flash Already Hit Its Heyday? Here's What The Ratings Say
The Flash has been a huge hit for The CW by drawing in record numbers over its first two seasons. The numbers for the Season 3 premiere are now in, and they may indicate that The Flash may be on a downward decline.
The Flash Just Got An Honest Trailer And It's Really Funny
A seriously hilarious trailer mocking the first two seasons of The CW's The Flash has just hit the web. Check it out!
The Flash: Check Out The Arrow Character Heading To Next Week's Episode
The Flash Season 3 has just gotten underway, but that doesn't mean it's ever too early for friends from Arrow to stop by. Take a look at who'll be visiting the show next week.
How The Flash Season 3 Introduced Its First Big Villain
Season 3 of The Flash kicked off with Flashpoint adventures and then gave us our first look at one of the new supervillains for Season 3, and it's safe to say that he'll be a brand new kind of bad guy.
5 Insane Moments From The Flash's Season 3 Premiere
The Flash's third season opener "Flashpoint" is one wild trip through time that offered up plenty of memorable moments that will surely come back to haunt Barry & Co. Here were the most insane ones.
How The Flash Totally Screwed Himself In The Season 3 Premiere
In the Season 3 premiere of The Flash, Barry managed to get some fleeting happiness before making everything implode around him. Here's what happened.
The Flash Season 3: What We Know So Far
With Season 2 of The Flash coming fast and furious, we've put together everything we know about Season 3 of The CW drama for a look ahead that will be updated as new information, trailers, castings and more are unveiled.
The Big Way The Flash Is Changing Up Time Travel In Season 3
When Season 3 kicks off, the superhero drama will give us our first taste of the timeline-flipped Flashpoint arc, and this will take time travel in a new direction for the show.
The Flash And Arrow Welcome Supergirl To The CW In Action-Packed Fight Club Video
The CW just dropped the full video for its DC TV "Fight Club" promo, which ups the ante this year with the introduction of Melissa Benoist's Supergirl. Check it out!

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