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Why Vikings Went With That Major Death Scene
Major spoilers if you aren't caught up with Vikings on the History Channel. If you don't want to be spoiled, check out one of our other exciting articles.
How One Vikings Actor Found Out They Were Going To Be Killed Off
The latest episode of Vikings did the seemingly unthinkable by killing off one big character, and the way that actor found out about the impending scene is pretty amusing.
What's Going On With Ragnar In This New Vikings Footage?
There's a lot that has been pretty confusing about Vikings lately. There's the fact that the History Channel drama has been renewed for Season 5, and is set to return to the schedule fairly soon, but not for 5.
Vikings Just Added A Tudors Actor For Season 5
It’s a damn good time to be a Viking. The hit History series Vikings has officially been picked up for a 20-episode fifth season, and it goes without saying that fans couldn’t be happier. Adding to that joy is a pretty great new casting addition.
How Vikings' Bear Fight Could Have Gone Horribly Wrong
According to actor Alexander Ludwig, the Vikings bear attack sequence was incredibly dangerous to film and could have gone horribly wrong incredibly quickly.
Why The Vikings Creator Has Problems With Game Of Thrones
Vikings is a show about big, bold dreams and conquests, which occasionally leads to violence and more. But showrunner Michael Hirst does not enjoy comparisons between his series and HBO's Game of Thrones.
The 10 Most Pirated TV Shows In 2015
While a good chunk of people still subscribe to cable and even more people get TV programs from Hulu, Netflix and other legal alternatives, there are plenty of people in the universe who illegally download TV programs, and while pirating generally only accounts for a small percentage of the overall viewership of a show, some series’ still pull in big numbers through pirating.
The 10 Most Kick-Ass Women On TV In 2015
When it comes to kicking ass on TV, the women were out in full force in 2015. Ranging from ladies adapted from page to screen to ladies that we wish were on page so we’d have something to pass the time over hiatus, this past year was a good time to see heroines in action. Here's our picks.
Vikings Just Got Some Really Great News
While History hasn’t become a major player in the original programming game, it’s big drama Vikings has certainly found success over at the cable channel. The network is gearing up to air its fourth season on the channel, and this week, Vikings got some very good news.
Vikings Still Crushing On History, Renewed For Season 4
History’s been getting into the scripted programming game for some time now. Its heavy hitter is still the original series Vikings, though. Now airing its third season, History has opted to go ahead and renew Vikings for another round.
How To Watch Vikings Season 2 And Two More Great Shows That Just Started Streaming
Love watching muscular dudes dealing with family drama and dangerous and violent situations, but you want to see it all happening around the year 800 rather than in the present? That's what History's surprisingly solid period drama Vikings is for.
Vikings Adds Kevin Durand And More For Season 3
With all of those opportunities for new characters, it’s no surprise that History is looking ahead, getting a jumpstart on casting Season 3. This week, the cable station announced Jennie Jacques, Luther Bluteau, Kevin Durand, Ben Robson and Morgane Polanksi. Interestingly, Season 3 also looks to be including a brand new European country in its plot.
Take A First Look At Vikings Season 2 In History's New Promo
Over the course of its first season, Vikings made The History Channel a viable name in original programming. Although the network is pushing miniseries over original series with its latest scripted orders, History wisely renewed the period drama for a second season, and we’ve finally gotten a first teaser for the new episodes, which are expected to hit the schedule in February of 2014.
Vikings Season 1 Will Hit Blu-ray And DVD In October
Vikings did well on the History Channel this spring and will be returning to the network for a second season. If you missed the series or just got into its mysticism and work ethic, you’ll be able to catch Vikings: The Complete First Season when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on October 8.
Bates Motel, Orphan Black, Vikings And Jack Black Headed To Comic Con
We're close enough to Comic-Con that those of us planning to attend are likely getting anxious awaiting the finalized schedule of panels and events set to take place at SDCC this year. In the meantime, networks and studios continue to make individual announcements for panels to be featured. Among the recent announcements are BBC America's Orphan Black, History's Vikings, A&E's Bates Motel and Yahoo!'s comedy Ghost Ghirls.
Vikings Renewed For Season 2 On The History Channel
Following a great premiere and good subsequent ratings, History has decided its freshman scripted drama, Vikings, has performed strongly enough to return for Season 2. The network will bring the series back in 2014, with 10 more episodes slated for the second season.
The Bible And Vikings Give History Channel A Big Sunday Night
History Channel just had a seriously big weekend, proving that some of the oldest and most told stories around are still interesting to viewers. Both Vikings and The Bible both premiered to strong numbers, making History’s first foray into scripted television and their in-depth look at the Bible’s best-loved stories both a huge success.
Vikings Opening Sequence Shows Turbulent Waters
History has spent some time putting together its first original scripted series, Vikings. The show finally seems to be coming together, with lead roles given to Gabriel Byrne, Travis Fimmel, and Gustaf Skarsgard, and History has announced the series will premiere on March 3. Now, we have the official opening sequence for the original series, in High Definition, nonetheless, and as we should probably have expected, it focuses on turbulent waters, gold, weapons, and women.
Vikings Gets A March Premiere Date On History
History's first attempt at original scripted content, Vikings, has finally been put together and given an official release date. If you’re interested in seeing History tell a tale of Vikings, you’ll be able to catch the new series beginning on March 3, 2013. The network has even put together an early preview to get fans excited about the new programming.
History Channel Goes Scripted With Vikings Drama
The list of traditionally non-scripted networks jumping on the scripted bandwagon continues. The History Channel already tried its hand at scripted programming with the recent Hatfields & McCoys miniseries, and now they're lining up an honest-to-gosh ongoing series. Michael Hirst (The Tudors) is writing Vikings, a scripted series centered around the Norsemen, and specifically around the rise of a warrior named Ragnar Lothbrok to become king of the Vikings.
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