When it comes to kicking ass on TV, the women were out in full force in 2015. Ranging from ladies adapted from page to screen to ladies that we wish were on page so we’d have something to pass the time over hiatus, this past year was a good time to see heroines in action. Of course, there are more ways to be a prominent character than to awesomely pummel bad guys, but watching women more than holding their own against zombies and aliens was super satisfying all around. Who says that the girls can’t keep up with the boys?

Check out our list of 10 particularly kick-ass ladies of 2015.

Agent Carter
Peggy Carter, Agent Carter
Peggy Carter may have been introduced to audiences as Captain America’s love interest in Captain America: The First Avenger, but she came into her own as the lead in her own ABC series in early 2015. As a government agent in the 1940s, Peggy was a lone woman among an office full of men who thought her only good for fetching coffee and answering phones. Peggy turned their expectations around and spent most of the first season kicking ass and taking names to clear Howard Stark’s name while the other agents followed false lead after false lead. She may not have gotten the credit that she deserved at the end, but she did get a second season to do it all again in 2016.

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