While a good chunk of people still subscribe to cable and even more people get TV programs from Hulu, Netflix and other legal alternatives, there are plenty of people in the universe who illegally download TV programs, and while pirating generally only accounts for a small percentage of the overall viewership of a show, some series’ still pull in big numbers through pirating. In 2015, these shows range from cable to subscription cable and even network TV shows. Worldwide, the shows that are most often illegally downloaded, at least on BitTorrent, are all produced by channels in the United States and come from a wide variety of genres and channels.

10. Suits, USA
While I think many fans would argue Suits is a little past its heyday in terms of quality, I’m still sticking with the show, and apparently a lot of pirates are, too. Torrentfreak reports that 2,600,000 downloads of Suits occurred this year. That’s more than the show’s overall audience in the US.

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