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Justice League’s Ezra Miller Has A Colorful Description Of Sitting In The Batmobile

Ezra Miller recently spoke to the experience of being in The Batmobile, and his description is almost NSFW.

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How Batman's Knightmare Might Connect To Justice League

There were a handful of scenes in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that bluntly teased the larger future of the DC Extended Universe, but none of them were more mystifying than the so-called "Knightmare."

11 DC Villains That We Really Want To See In Upcoming Movies

With so many DC heroes gearing up for adventures on the silver screen over the next few years, these are the villains who we want to see enter the equation as well.

How Mark Hamill Found His Joker Laugh For Batman: The Animated Series

Mark Hamill's Joker has one of the most iconic laughs in pop culture, and the actor recently opened up and explained how he discovered the chuckle for Batman: The Animated Series.

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When Solomon Grundy Will Show Up On Gotham

Grundy's introduction to Gotham was teased last year, and now we know when the villain will show up.

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Zack Snyder Has An Unsurprising Choice For Best Batman

Justice League director Zack Snyder has revealed who he thinks is the best Batman, and his answer probably won't surprise you.

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Nightwing’s Solo Movie Will Include A Major Nod To Dick Grayson’s Past

CinemaBlend recently sat down with Nightwing director Chris McKay, and he revealed that the upcoming DC movie will include a major reference to Dick Grayson's past.

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Why Darren Aronofsky's Batman Movie Didn't Happen, According To Darren Aronofsky

Before Christopher Nolan crafted his Dark Knight saga and Zack Snyder teamed Batman with Superman, Darren Aronofsky had a different concept for a Batman movie that we never got to see. And now we have his take on why it didn't happen, as you'll see inside.

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More Evidence Deathstroke Might Not Be In The Batman Movie Anymore

New information has sprung up that may provide more proof that Deathstroke might not be The Batman's main antagonist anymore.

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The Finest Episode Of Batman The Animated Series, According To Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy shares his favorite episode from Batman: The Animated Series and why he loves it.

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Why Joker's Origin Movie Needs To Include Batman

With an origin movie on the way for The Clown Prince of Crime, this newly announced project needs to include The Caped Crusader. Here's why.

Gotham Season 4 Just Cast One Of Batman's Most Bizarre Villains

Being insane is basically a requirement to be a Batman villain, and Gotham is adding one of his most bizarre to the growing ensemble of Season 4.

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How Wonder Woman Differs From Batman And Superman

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman all work together for the greater good, but Wonder Woman differs in one notable way.

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A Year Has Passed Since Ben Affleck Started An Awesome DC Rumor That's Probably Dead Now

A year has passed since Ben Affleck offered up one of DC's coolest reveals, but now that rumor looks less likely than ever.

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Gotham Season 4 Trailer Unveils Bruce Wayne's First Version Of Batman's Suit

Gotham dropped a new Season 4 trailer that, among other things, gives us our first big look at Bruce Wayne's initial attempt at creating the Batsuit.

Matt Reeves Clarifies Whether The Batman Solo Movie Fits Into The DCEU

After a day of utter confusion, Matt Reeves has finally addressed those rumors about The Batman possibly not taking place in the DCEU.

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Wait, Is The Batman Solo Movie Even Part Of The DCEU? Here's What Matt Reeves Says

Director Matt Reeves' recently made a comment that calls into question whether or not The Batman is connected to the DCEU after all.

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Ben Affleck's Rep Responds To Casey Affleck's Comments About The Batman

Casey Affleck dropped a huge bombshell about his brother's future as Batman a few days ago, and now Ben Affleck's reps have finally stepped in to address those remarks.

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How Batman Is Changing In Justice League, According To Ben Affleck

Justice League will change the DCEU in some pretty substantial ways, and according to Ben Affleck, Batman is one character who will go through a massive transformation.

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Ben Affleck Not Doing The Batman? Casey Affleck Might Have Dropped A Bombshell

There's been a lot of rumbling about whether or not Ben Affleck will return as Batman for the Caped Crusader's solo movie, and Casey Affleck may have dropped a big reveal concerning this.

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