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Josh Brolin Is Really Glad He Didn't Get To Play Batman

Josh Brolin was being eyed to play Batman in the DCEU, and all these years later, he's glad didn't end up getting the role.

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Ben Affleck Offers Condolences After Batman Superfan Passes Away

Ben Affleck shares his condolences after a huge fan of Batman passes away.

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A Live-Action Batman Beyond Movie? One Horror Actor Wants To Make It Happen

Many fans have clamored for a Batman Beyond film for years, and the star of an upcoming horror movie seems to think that he's perfect for the potential project.

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Matt Reeves Says The Batman Solo Movie Is Going Well

Matt Reeves' latest update for the solo Batman movie is incredibly optimistic.

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Why Batman Had A Crawler In Justice League, Instead Of The Batcycle

Batman opted for the large and powerful Knight Crawler instead of his trusty motorcycle in Justice League. Here's why.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Still Talking About Playing The Flashpoint Batman

Nobody is quite sure what the long-term plan is for the DC film universe. However, one thing we do know is that a Flashpoint movie is planned at some point. The other thing we know is that Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants in.

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The Batman Storyline Todd Phillips' Joker Movie May Be Taking Inspiration From

It looks like the Joker origin movie may take inspiration from one very specific Batman story featuring The Clown Prince of Crime.

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Is Gotham Adapting Batman's Classic No Man's Land Storyline?

It looks like one of the most famous and destructive Batman storylines of all time could be coming to Gotham.

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Josh Gad Is Now Trolling Matt Reeves About Playing DC’s Penguin

Josh Gad continues to troll about the possibility of playing The Penguin, and he has now set his sights on The Batman's Matt Reeves for his latest post.

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Matt Reeves Has Something Important To Say About Those Batman Rumors

A rumor recently started to swirl. And it was a DC Films rumor, so those stir up the nastiest reactions online.

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10 Superhero Movie Villains That Aren't Really Bad People

While superhero movie villains can be quite vile at times, some are just people with good intentions twisted by circumstance. In honor of Erik Killmonger's place in that pantheon, read on to see who else falls into that specific basket.

Will J.K. Simmons Be Back For Matt Reeves' Solo Batman Movie?

Justice League introduced J.K. Simmons as the new Commissioner Gordon of the DC movie universe, but are there plans for him to return the next time we see Batman on the big screen?

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Willem Dafoe Had Some Conversations About Playing The Joker In 1989's Batman

It turns out that Willem Dafoe actually had some conversations about possibly portraying The Joker in Tim Burton's Batman.

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New Batman V Superman Concept Art Shows A Much Different Costume For The Dark Knight

A new piece of concept art for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has just hit the web, and it shows a very different look for The Caped Crusader.

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Watch A Little Kid's Adorable Reaction When He Gets A Phone Call From Batman

A young boy got the shock of a lifetime when he got a message from "Batman."

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The Jake Gyllenhaal Taking Over As Batman Rumor Is Back

It seems that the rumor of Jake Gyllenhaal stepping in as our new Batman has once again started to pick up steam. Here's the latest.

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Wait, The Batman Might Not Be Set In The DCEU After All?

In yet another bizarre development, it looks like Matt Reeves' solo Batman movie might not actually be set in the DCEU continuity after all. Here's what we know.

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Where Ben Affleck Might Make His Final Batman Appearances

With Ben Affleck reportedly planning his exit from the DCEU, we may have an idea of where his last bow will be.

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Gary Oldman Already Has An Idea For Who Should Play Batman After Ben Affleck

It turns out that Dark Knight Trilogy actor Gary Oldman has an idea about who should be the next Batman.

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Ranking Every DC Animated Movie From The Past 10 Years

DC recently released all of its animated movies from the last ten years, and we here at CinemaBlend have ranked them all from worst to best.

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