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Batmobile: All Of Batman's Live-Action Movie Rides, Ranked

Only one Batmobile can rule the streets of Gotham...

Armie Hammer's Batman Cowl From George Miller's Never-Made Justice League Looks Totally Badass

Over a decade ago, the Call Me By Your Name star signed on to play the Dark Knight.

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5 Things I Can't Stop Wondering About The Batman's New Batmobile
It Looks Like Matt Reeves Is Trying To Give Us A Batman Movie Unlike Any We've Ever Seen

This would certainly make the Caped Crusader’s next movie stand out from its predecessors.

Ben Affleck Jokes About Returning As Batman Someday But He'd Really Rather You Stopped Asking
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Watch 'Three Jokers' Joaquin Phoenix, Heath Ledger, And Jared Leto Together In Amazing Fan Trailer
Batman in Movies
The Batman’s Jeffrey Wright Is Going Old School For His Gordon Research
Batman in Movies
All The Cinematic Batman Suits, Ranked By Coolness

Yes, Robert Pattinson's suit is included.

Ben Affleck Breaks Silence On Robert Pattinson’s Batman
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Zack Snyder's Justice League Would Have More Knightmare Scenes In It
Batman in Movies
5 Marvel Villains That Wouldn't Stand A Chance Against Batman

Batman is unstoppable in the DC Universe, but in the Marvel Universe... yeah, he's still unstoppable

Ben Affleck Elaborates On Why He Exited The Batman

It’s been a little over a year since the actor officially hung up the cape and cowl.

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Snyder Cut Fans Notice Weird Change To The Batcave In Justice League

Batman’s iconic lair went through a notable change.

Batman in Movies
4 Things I Can't Stop Wondering About Robert Pattinson's Batman Suit

The reveal of Robert Pattinson's Batman suit has us scratching our cowls

5 Marvel Villains That Could Easily Defeat Batman

In the DC Universe, Batman is unstoppable. In the Marvel Universe, well...

Snyder Cut Stunt Video Reveals Epic Fight For Batman In Justice League

Here's another remnant of Zack Snyder's lost vision for the DCEU.

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Joker Fans Notice A Sly Reference To Tim Burton's Batman

The Todd Phillips film includes a slick Easter egg for the 1989 superhero classic.

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Batman V Superman Concept Art Reveals Slimmer Suit For The Dark Knight
Batman in Movies
The Batman's Zoe Kravitz Has Some Great Reasons For Wanting To Play Catwoman

Zoe Kravitz has definitely done her research for The Batman.

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Every Superhero Movie To Win An Oscar, Ranked

Joker leads this year's Oscar nominations with 11, and could become the 10th comic book movie to win a statuette.

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