If you've felt like your life has suffered lately from a fundamental lack of muck, moral complexity, and poetic profanity, you might want to check out Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day. They've got both the Blu-ray and DVD sets of Deadwood: The Complete Series on sale today for 59% off. That discount will get you the Blu-rays for $85.49 and the DVDs for $61.99. That's a hell of a deal for three seasons of one of the greatest shows ever aired, especially when you consider the high price point HBO's box sets normally carry.

In addition to getting the full run of David Milch's historical epic, the set includes numerous special features including cast and crew commentaries and various featurettes looking at the making of the show. Milch's commentaries are especially worthwhile. The man is a brilliant storyteller, and he discusses his processes with insight and humility. If you've got a Blu-ray player, I highly recommend springing for the high-def version. The sheer level of detail in this show demands to be appreciated with the highest fidelity possible.

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