Just Go With It is coming to Blu-Ray and DVD on June 7th. I want to let you know this before I explain why you shouldn’t support this film, so if you loved it, you can just skip what comes next. When Adam Sandler decided to just go for it, I can imagine his mental debate resembling that of a lazy college kid choosing between cooking an actual meal or popping open a can of SpaghettiOs without bothering to heat them. It’s not quite Vienna sausages, but if that’s gonna save enough time for a mid-afternoon nap, it’s worth it.

If I were Adam Sandler and someone was throwing $80 million at me to produce a film that I knew would make money -- 'cause, hey, I would be Adam Sandler -- I guess I could see how it would be easier to continually make nonsensical choices and roll with them. Except for several “Devlin” jokes, the characters’ names aren’t important enough to bring up, so I’ll refer to these idiotic plot lines with the actual actor’s names. Delving in, Bailey Madison’s one shining moment is an obnoxious running gag where she pretends she has a British accent to "fool" with Adam Sandler’s new girlfriend. Brooklyn Decker is only thinly disguised as an actress. Sandler and Aniston’s characters real meet-cute moment is rolling a coconut up their bodies without using their hands. I can’t even begin to explain how frightened Nicole Kidman makes me in this movie. Bottom line: It’s lazy. But it made money in the box office, so Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is going to throw a boatload of special features along, hoping they’ll get assholes to bite.

Buying Just Go With It will get you a blooper reel (do people honestly enjoy these?), deleted scenes, three featurettes, and commentaries with Adam Sandler and director Dennis Dugan. The Blu-Ray will include even more deleted scenes, along with nine more featurettes -- one promises to spotlight Kevin Nealon, saving grace? -- and movieIQ+sync and BD-Live.

Kevin Nealon featurette notwithstanding, Just Go With It’s one selling point was hiring the always likeable Jennifer Aniston, but even that’s not enough for me to approve this purchase. Just Go With It isn’t the worst film of 2011, but that’s only because it gets to compete with Sucker Punch.

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