Sometimes you just need a sweet romancer to take up 90 minutes of your time, and that’s exactly what The Good Guy is. Don’t expect to find any deep meaning or lifelong lessons about relationships in this one, but it might make for perfect rainy-day entertainment. Lionsgate Home Entertainment is releasing The Good Guy on DVD June 22nd

Tommy (Scott Porter) has it all. He’s a young but prominent trader on Wall Street, he lives in a posh apartment, and has a loving girlfriend named Beth (Alexis Bledel). When a member of Tommy’s team exits the company for a better deal, he decides to give the open position to the most unlikely candidate, the quintessential nice guy, Daniel (Bryan Greenberg). Tommy makes it his top priority to whip his new recruit into shape and turn him into the trader he needs, a hard-hitting seller able to show the clients a good time and have his way with the ladies. In an effort to make progress on the latter, Tommy encourages Daniel to join Beth’s book club. Little does Tommy know, the two share an instant attraction, which could ultimately unravel Tommy’s life in addition to his relationship with Beth.

It attempts to pull in a male audience through the finance factor, but The Good Guy is definitely for the ladies only. However, if you’re looking to teach your guy a thing or two about being the ideal boyfriend, $27.98 and an hour and a half of romantic drama won’t kill him. Odds are, he won’t want to expand his Good Guy experience into the bonus material realm, but if you’d like to explore the story further, there will be commentary with writer-director Julie DePietro and Bledel.

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