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Original Transformers Series 15-Disc Set To Hit Market In May

Shout! Factory is in the business of eclectic releases. The company recently announced The Transformers -- The Complete Series, coming to DVD on May 24th. Prior to this, Shout! Factory had released four seasons of the series in various sets. Apparently, the various season releases of The Transformers were not enough for rabid fans, who called for a bolder initiative. Thus, the new set will collect all 15 discs from the other sets in one neat, easier-to-get-a-hold-of package.

The other good news is the new set will feature all of the extras that come with the earlier sets. This means you’ll get 2,220 minutes of viewing pleasure for the price of $99.99, or the remarkable Amazon price of $69.99. Since the other seasons run, on sale, for roughly 20 bucks The Transformers -- The Complete Series is not only an epic set, but it’s also a reasonable one.