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Prepare For The Arrival Of Lost: The Complete Collection With A Barrage Of Clips

Tomorrow is a big day for LOST fans...easily the biggest since the series finale aired a few months back. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will be unleashing both LOST: The Complete Sixth and Final Season and LOST: The Complete Collection into the hearts, minds, and shelves of Losties the world over. We'll be posting our review of the Complete Collection soon, but in the mean time you can get a look at some of the goodies you'll be feasting your peepers on once your copy arrives.

The LOST sets thus far have set a high bar for bonus features, and these final releases look to continue the tradition with a mother lode of featurettes, reminiscences, and bloopers (and danged if watching Mira Furlan flub a line doesn't bring back fond memories of the Babylon 5 blooper reels). I particularly love the segment where Jorge Garcia and Michael Emerson are just casually discussing the pilot together, and between that and their comedy act at Comic Con, I must yet again request that someone greenlight a pilot starring these two immediately. Thank you kindly.

My only regret is that, as far as I know, this segment is not included in the set.

LOST Bloopers

A disappointingly profanity-free look at the cast failing to deliver their lines.

LOST in All Languages

Damon Lindeloff, Daniel Dae Kim Jorge Garcia, and Evangeline Lilly talk about LOST in different languages. Well, about it being dubbed in different languages. They're actually all speaking English.

Pilot Prospects

Jorge Garcia and Michael Emerson talk about the pilot. Damon Lindelof also puts in an appearance.

Scoring Jin and Sun Awakening

Composer Michael Giacchino and Carlton Cuse talk about scoring LOST music for a Jin and Sun scene.

How Michael Felt

Composer Michael Giacchino has more to say about LOST's music.


The 2009 LOST panel gets a couple of surprise guests.

Squirrel Baby

The cast and crew talk about the "Squirrel Baby."