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Trailer Reveals New Wargames Is Less Sequel, More Update

We’ve been so focused on the horrid direct-to-DVD sequel Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, I completely and totally forgot that studios were raping and murdering another classic from my younger years, Wargames. As a computer aficionado and video game fan, I’ve always been a huge fan of the Matthew Broderick movie. It’s pretty self-contained, however, so I don’t see the purpose in a sequel so many years later.

Well, a trailer for the sequel, Wargames: The Dead Code, has arrived online and we can see why we need a sequel: the war on terror and Homeland Security. The movie doesn’t look as much like a sequel as it looks like an updating of the exact same story, just set in contemporary times. The kid in question accesses the computer via a website instead of random cold-calling, but it’s the same concept. The kid starts something he thinks is just a game, but the computer takes it a bit more serious.

The trailer doesn’t look as abysmal as it could be, but it gives me no reason to want to watch this instead of just popping the original movie into my DVD player. Maybe this will appeal to a generation that has never seen a disk as big as the ones used in the movie, and only associates the mechanical voice with someone like Professor Stephen Hawking, but it just isn’t for me.

Head over to /Film to see the new trailer. All we’ve got here is the trailer for the first movie, which is also more compelling to me than the trailer for Wargames: The Dead Code.