House of the Dragon Fans Have A Wild Theory About Larys Strong, And I Think I'm Buying It

Spoilers for episode 6 of House of the Dragon.

After Game of Thrones’ divisive final season, fans were given a few years away from Westeros. But all that changed with HBO’s new series House of the Dragon, which is set 172 years before the birth of Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen. There are countless theories about how George R.R. Martin’s story will be adapted, as the books already contain spoilers. Fans of the fantasy prequel have a wild theory about Larys Strong, and I think I’m buying it.

Matthew Needham debuted as Larys Strong in the third episode of House of the Dragon, titled “Second of his Name.” But the last two episodes he really took power in the narrative, emerging as a Littlefinger-esque character who is capable of murder. A fan theory has been circulating around Larys the Clubfoot, namely that he might be a warg or greenseer like Bran Stark.

In the Game of Thrones books, both Arya and Bran have the ability to warg into animals. In the show they focused entirely on Bran the Broken for this ability, and with his powers coming seemingly as a result of being pushed out of a tower by Jaime Lannister in Episode 1. And given Larys Strong’s intimate knowledge of what’s happening at King’s Landing, some think he might possess the same abilities; after all, he’s similarly physically disabled in-universe.

The theory about Larys Strong began during Rhaenyra’s disastrous wedding in Episode 5. At the tail end of the episode, the ceremony happens in privacy following Christian Cole’s brutal murder of Laenor’s boyfriend Joffrey. Eventually the cameras pans out, and we see a rat lap up the blood of Joffrey as the wedding continues. This might have just been a metaphor for the way death brings out predators, but Episode 6 of the show ended up adding fuel to the fire of this fan rumor.

House of the Dragon’s sixth episode “The Princess and the Queen” featured a ten-year time jump and debuted a new cast. It was also Larys Strong’s arrival as full-blown villain, as he made the decision to murder his brother and father, therefore becoming the Lord of Harrenhall and head of House Strong. But the theory about him possibly being a warg got more steam thanks to one scene with King Viserys. Because as he weeps alone, we see yet another rat. This time it walks through a ledge in plain view of the King of Westeros. Could both of these rats actually be under the control of Larys? It remains to be seen, but it would certainly explain how he’s privy to so much secret information within the keep.

Bran warging in Game of Thrones

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Of course, it’s more than possible that these theories about Larys Strong are off base, and the rats surrounding King Viserys are merely a metaphor about the way his body and reign are rotting from the inside out. But since House of the Dragon has been leaning into the more magical elements of Westeros, only time will tell. But who wouldn't want to see another warg in the prequel series? Strong’s POV was never clear in the books, so it does seem like the show has freedom with the character.

Regardless of whether or not he’s given magical powers, it’s clear that Larys Strong is going to be a major player in House of the Dragon. He’s already murdered his loved ones to gain more power, as well as link Queen Alicent Hightower to him forever. And smart money says he’s only just getting started.

House of the Dragon airs new episodes Sundays on HBO. In the meantime, check out the fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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