Activision’s new take on Bond is actually more of a fallback to EA’s incredibly well done third-person 007, Everything or Nothing, for the GameCube, PS2 and Xbox, and later improved on in the throwback of Connery’s From Russia with Love. A new trailer shows off Craig’s new and improved CQC skills that were originally introduced with Brosnan’s portrayal of Bond in Everything or Nothing.

The trailer is extremely fast-paced and well done, with moves and stealth attacks executed with swift movements and hard-hitting precision. It looked like Daniel Craig, stuntmen and crew really got into the action of the motion capture sessions.

You can check out Craig’s CQC skills in the trailer below, which, of course, beg the question of: Who would win in a CQC fight between Bond and Solid Snake? When you get done wrecking your brain over that one, feel free to learn more about 007 Blood Stone by paying a visit to the Official Website. The game is set for release once November rolls around.

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