Nintendo is celebrating 25 years of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It's the console that ushered Nintendo into the console wars against Sega in the 16-bit era and it's one of the most cherished pieces of electronic entertainment hardware that made it onto the market.

Given that without the SNES Nintendo wouldn't be where they are today, it only seems fitting to highlight some of the very best games that helped define and shape the 16-bit era for the Big 'N'. So without further ado, here are the 10 very best games ever for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

No. 10: Super Tennis
Not every game on the SNES that was steeped in greatness an action title or platformer. Some of the most beloved titles for Nintendo's home console were also sports games... such as Super Tennis. This game had some awesome music, some great animations and highly enjoyable gameplay.

Admittedly, Smash Tennis was the game with greater gameplay and mechanical depth, but Super Tennis really made you feel at home with the graphics, the light-hearted art-style and the motivational music that periodically played in the background. It was hard not to love this game and even harder not to play just one more round with a friend in a competitive one-on-one bout or an entertaining doubles match.

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