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The God of War series' bald-headed, blade-slinging, ash-covered anti-hero, Kratos, is one angry dude. While several of the previous games in the series have delved into the cursed Spartan's past, the best way to learn about what triggered all of that rage is to play the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, God of War: Ascension. And the best way to play the single player demo for said game well before it hits store shelves is, of course, to buy the Total Recall Blu-ray.

Sony Santa Monica today announced that, thanks to a partnership with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, the best way for the vast majority of us to get our hands on the God of War: Ascension demo would be to pick up the Director's Cut of Total Recall once it hits retail on Dec. 18.

For those of you who attended E3, get ready for an overwhelming sense of deja vu, because that's the very version of the demo that will be released as part of this special package.

“The demo includes the new gameplay mechanics and combat systems we showed off earlier this summer, so you can get a taste of all of the brutal action before the game launches next March,” said SCEA Product Marketing Manager Anthony Caiazzo.

Seeing as how God of War: Ascension is all about delving into Kratos' past and finding out what makes him (so damn violently) tick, it's kind of appropriate that the game's demo is being paired with a movie called Total Recall. But what if the pairing goes even further than that? What if we discover that Kratos is actually just some blue collar worker from the future who decided to plug into an expensive space-vacation-machine to experience a Spartan holiday, only to have a horrible glitch in the system result in the poor guy living out what evolved into Kratos' tormented existence. That could happen, right?

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