Friday The 13th: The Game's Trailer Shows Gameplay From Both Jason And The Victim’s Perspective

Friday The 13th: The Game was maybe one of the first slasher games to come out of the recent genre, alongside Until Dawn, that really did the genre justice. And now, we finally have an idea of what gameplay is going to look like inside the slasher-movie-turned-game.

In the above gameplay trailer, the player has taken control of Jason and is on the hunt for his victims. One of the abilities seen in the trailer is Jason's ability to teleport, since he is of course an unstoppable, murderous force that never seems to die. And as a joke to reference the actual Friday The 13th movies, he always seems to be right there waiting for his victims. So why wouldn't they make one of his abilities teleportation?

To play on Jason's unstable mental state, you can routinely hear Jason's mother's voice speak up, controlling him and telling him what to do.

You can tell that Jason's character has been given special sight abilities so that he can see victims and can teleport on a map to where they are. Victims appear to Jason as the color "red" so that they are easily visible in the darkness. Because in a classic slasher/horror movie, the villain always has the advantage, so it only makes sense that it's the same in the game.

In the second part of the demo, you can see what it looks like to play as one of the victims, and right away you can already tell that they way they see the world is totally different than how Jason is able to see it. Everything feels a lot darker and it's a lot harder to see, making Jason's appearance that much more terrifying when he does come for you.

Victims are able to hide from Jason and in the gameplay trailer, you see the victim slide under a bed. The moment Jason spots the victim hiding underneath the bed, in all it's 1980's glory, is just as chilling as it was watching it in the movies. Jason thrusts his blade through the mattress of the bed, piercing the victim underneath.

There's a lot of genuine moments taken right out of the Friday The 13th movies, like how Jason would "pretend" to not know where the victim is, only to turn his back and look directly at the victim as if he just had a sudden epiphany. And after he stabs someone, he rips his blade out as if he's tearing it out of a tree stump, with force and carelessness.

The game is slated for an October release this year. You can still pre-order the game on their official website.