Pokemon's Ash Mysteriously Appears In Taiwanese Subway Ad, See The Image

If you plan on taking a trip to Taiwan, you'll also have the opportunity to Pokemon's Ash in his latest adventure: Teaching folks proper etiquette while riding the subway.

Okay, so that's not necessarily the real Ash Ketchum, but he sure does pull off a good cosplay. If anything, I'd argue that the above image looks a little something like anime meets The Family Guy, which just goes to show how popular culture is bleeding into every facet of our lives.

This fun take comes to us from the folks over at Kotaku, who stumbled upon this safety message that's apparently been running for a few years now.

The full video from Metro Taipei can be seen below and, even if you don't speak the language, the visuals do a good job of getting the point across.

In the video, we see Not-Ash displaying the proper way to hold onto a rail while the train is moving. We can only assume that his red and white hat sports the popular Pokemon logo and that the pockets of that vest jacket are filled with pokeballs.

As the original post points out, several other characters in the video look like popular characters from video games, including Street Fighter, The King of Fighters or maybe even Final Fantasy VIII. Again, the figures in the videos look a bit like these iconic figures, but not to a point where anyone can scream "lawsuit."

In other Pokemon news, E3 was just last week and, rather than stick to their initial plan to make the show all about the new Zelda game, Nintendo decided to share the spotlight with games like the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The game is set to release next fall and, along with those new legendary critters that look like a lion and a bat, the Treehouse team revealed a handful of new pocket-sized monsters including Pikipek, Yungoos and Grubbin. The first is an adorable little bird, the second looks like an angry badger of some sort and the third is a wobbly little insect. Nothing to get too excited about but, hey, more Pokemon is always a good thing. Also, none of these new Pokemon are anywhere near as lame as the new water stater, Popplio, so that's a nice change of pace.

We've still got a while to wait until the new Pokemon games launch on 3DS come Nov. 18, so you'll have to figure out creative ways to pass the time between now and then. Might I suggest a trip to Taiwan and a ride on their subway?

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.