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This year,E3 wasn't as thrilling as I remember it being in 2015, and while there definitely were some issues on the expo floor, I picked out a few things I hopeE3 takes a look at for next year.

The Appointment System

This year in order to battle long lines, some of the events on the show floor were only accessible via making appointments through an app. And when most people waited until 10 a.m. for the scheduling to open, all appointments were booked in a matter of minutes. So rather than spend a couple hours waiting in line, you had a very slim chance of seeing your theater event orVR game at all. For example, I was dying to try out the new Resident Evil: Biohazard VR game. I tried for the first two days to get into the appointment and I was blocked out each time. And on the third day, the app said appointments were now walk-up only, so I was excited and happy and ready to stand in line for three hours. But when I got there and asked the girl from PlayStation about it, she told me all PSVR lines had been combined to one and that you no longer had control over what VR game you got to play. So I stand in line for three hours only to get shafted on the one VR game I want to play? This is probably one of the worst systems they could have ever chosen for this. It shafted a lot of people, including me, and really limited the VR audience forE3. The system was designed to be difficult and unfriendly. I highly recommend that it changes for next year, because people are not going to want to deal with being shut out of an opportunity before they can even try to obtain it.

Letting In The Public

E3 allowed in a special select 5,000 fans from the public into the show this year to let them spread to social media about their experience and get the word out aboutE3. The problem is, I don't think they need to run a trial in order to build up anticipation for a public E3. I think so many people out there already are just waiting for the day they can go toE3 without professionally belonging to video game world. E3 can try and lengthen the time that it finally has to go full-on public, but I'm hoping that happens next year. Yes, letting in the public might make E3 even more unbearable than before with large crowds, but I think E3 needs to do something different in order to stay alive. While EA Play wasn't the greatest anti-E3 event, it could spark inspiration for other companies to split off from E3. And maybe making E3 less exclusive is the only way to go.

VR Games That Are Up To Code

There were a lot of complaints of VR, specifically PlayStation VR games, making people feel sick after playing a game. Surprisingly, Resident Evil: Biohazard was among one of the games that received complaints. It was later discovered that PlayStation VR at E3 was barely running at the 60fps needed to smoothly run the VR games (and eliminating Simulation Sickness). It could have destroyed VR impressions for the PlayStation VR. I'm still hoping those kinks will get ironed out once the PSVR actually releases, but I am a little worried the PSVR won't be able to run smoothly on the typical PS4 and that people will need the PlayStation Neo in order to run it up to par. Regardless, I hope that VR devices will have their shit together for next year's E3 so people aren't running away from their appointments feeling like they are going to hurl. That's not how the VR experience should feel, especially for a game like Resident Evil: Biohazard.

It's clear that this year's E3 wasn't the greatest experience, and that it's time for E3 to make some major changes, but how they execute those changes will really decide the outcome of E3 in the future.

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