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Quantum Break

Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break for Xbox One is dirt cheap right now. You can get the game for a discounted rate from Amazon for a limited time and it comes with a free copy of Alan Wake.

Gamespot is reporting that Amazon is hosting a special deal on the third-person, time-altering, space-bending shooter for the Xbox One. The game regularly retails for $60, but for a limited time you can get your hands on the game for only $28.86.

That's a pretty big discount, knocking the game down by slightly more than half off the original price. What's more is that not only does the package come with Quantum Break, but as mentioned in the opening paragraph you'll also get your hands on Alan Wake. And even more than that, you will also have access to two of Alan Wake's DLC expansions, The Signal and The Writer.

In The Signal there's a whole new threat for Alan to face off against, but he's supposedly very familiar with this threat. The small near-400mb sized DLC will see players exploring the surrounding areas while following the lure of a mysterious signal.

The second DLC expansion for Alan Wake is called The Writer. In this pack players will finally come face to face with the threat standing in his way. This DLC is actually slightly larger than The Signal by at least 100MB, so there's a little extra meat on the steak in the second pack.

As for Quantum Break, the game stars Shawn Ashmore and Dominique Monaghan as brothers who get caught up in a conspiracy involving a tear in the fabric of time thanks to some technology that opens up the ability to travel forward and backward through time.

The game plays on some very interesting theoretical concepts of time travel, especially in regards to the theory that time that has already passed can neither be bent nor broken, only sustained. The story takes some crazy twists while staying consistent with its own rules of time manipulation. Quantum Break was certainly more movie-themed (or television themed?) than it was a good game, but it had some interesting concepts and some fairly good graphics for what it was trying to achieve.

It's a real shame that the PC version was gutted in the optimization department, forcing a lot of gamers with super high-end PCs to have limited resolution and frame-rate stability. It was one of the things that really prevented Quantum Break from becoming a benchmark graphical wonder for the PC market despite having very solid lighting, geometry and texture work.

Of course, another problem with the game was the fact that you didn't quite have access to the same level of abilities or features that were present in some of Remedy's previous games...namely Max Payne. Despite being able to literally slow down time and stop bullets in mid-air, Quantum Break did not afford you to shoot-dive or do any of the trademark John Woo stuff that was present in Max Payne.

Anyway, there's no telling how long this deal will last so grab it from over on the Amazon store before time runs out.

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