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In a Nintendo shareholder meeting recently, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that they have been doing research into how to make virtual reality kid-friendly.

Engadget reports that Nintendo wants a way to ease parents' worries when it comes to their kids playing virtual reality games. Such risks might include the very technical equipment that can be broken if not taken care of, the complexity of setting up some of the VR headsets, helping eyesight and keeping kids from running into objects in real life. Although, Nintendo didn't give any specifics on exactly what they wanted children to be safe from.

Engadget also reports that all of this VR talk is, well, just talk. Nintendo hasn't expressed any solid evidence or plans to actually release any kind of VR headset.

Nintendo has always been known for being a family-friendly company, creating games that are more kid-friendly than things you might see on Xbox or PlayStation. So I can understand why it's important for them to consider releasing a VR headset that is more kid-friendly than some of the things coming onto the market right now.

Engadget also mentions that Miyamoto claimed VR wasn't a huge topic at this year's E3. My reaction to that is, "did he go to the same E3 that I went to?" Every single VR game on the floor was booked within minutes of the booking opening at 10 a.m. every day. Anything that had anything to do with VR at E3 had extremely long lines or was totally booked out. So please, explain to me again how VR wasn't a huge topic at E3. I know everyone loved The Legend Of Zelda, but that wasn't the center of the show. VR, hands down, stole E3, so much that I couldn't even get into play one game.

I think Nintendo really needs to consider developing a VR headset to keep up with the times. I really do think it's a huge part of video games right now and with Xbox and PlayStation releasing their own headsets, Nintendo would be left in the dust. Hell, even mobile has their own VR headsets. If they wait too long, they might miss the boat and miss out on a huge sale opportunity. As I've stated in recent VR articles, VR is just a phase, but that doesn't mean it isn't going to evolve into something else. Maybe we'll be running around in VR suits eventually, who knows? But I really think VR is something to invest in, and Nintendo needs to get on that.

While Nintendo did just release plans for building smartphone controllers, their plans for bringing virtual reality to Nintendo are still spotty and rough. Hopefully we'll hear something more concrete in the coming months.

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