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Rick and Morty

The developers of Job Simulator, Owlchemy Labs, are working on a new virtual reality game based on the Adult Swim show, Rick and Morty. The new game will be in first person and will share a lot of similarities to Owlchemy's own Job Simulator.

According to Shacknews, the developer will be releasing Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality at some unknown time. The game will make its first debut at the San Diego Comic-Con between July 21 and July 24.

The game will feature the ability to take control of the character(s) from the show and mess around with things in the environment. Shacknews speculates that players will be in control of a clone of Morty, and that the story may revolve around Rick trying to control the clone of Morty.

There isn't really a specific story that we get any details about at all, only a brief 14 second teaser trailer that we assume has players in command of Morty who proceeds to rummage around in the garage laboratory of Rick. You can see the 14 second teaser in action below.

If you're not at all familiar with Rick and Morty, there's nothing in the above trailer from Adult Swim that would make you interested or intrigued about the show or the game. The trailer sees the player character picking up an object on the desk, wiggling it around while also picking up and destroying other objects in reckless fashion, all before the clip fades out.

The gameplay seems to be a direct rip from Owlchemy's own Job Simulator, only the motif has been swapped for Rick and Morty.

For the uninitiated, Job Simulator is one of the early games released officially for the HTC Vive. It sees players in the role of various laborious jobs, from a chef to an auto mechanic to a store clerk, each with their own tasks and objectives. The trick is that the game features disembodied hands where players will have to grab and move objects around in a 3D space using the HTC Vive's motion controllers. The physics are extremely wonky in the game, which is why gives it its own appeal, it's not entirely dissimilar to games like Octodad.

There's really no telling how much of the mini-game style gameplay from Job Simulator will translate into Rick And Morty Simulator. The design of the VR title for the HTC Vive didn't leave a lot of room for storytelling, and Rick and Morty is supposedly known for its over the top storytelling, so I'm curious how well Owlchemy will be able to make a cohesive, story-oriented game while letting players mess about in the virtual game world.

You can look for more details on the Rick and Morty Simulator to start spilling out of this year's San Diego Comic-Con this upcoming week.

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