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Xbox One S

Microsoft's Xbox One S -- the intermediary between the Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio -- is due for release this August and it will arrive in various bundle packs. There have been two major bundles announced so far all of which will be priced at $350 or lower.

The news went live over on the Xbox News Wire, where they announced that two major bundles will be available starting on August 23rd featuring the Xbox One S. The first bundle will include Electronic Arts' annual _Madden NFL _series, featuring the newest game in the long running franchise, Madden NFL 17.

The _Madden _bundle will include a 1TB Xbox One S system, a white controller, seven DLC packs, and one month of free EA Access all for $349.99.

The second bundle pack includes a 500GB or 1TB white Xbox One S console with a matching white Xbox One controller. It comes bundled with Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The Halo bundle will also be priced at $299.99 in North America, and $349.99 in Oceania.

If you don't already have Halo 5 or an Xbox One, I would say the _Halo bundle is easily the must-have bundle between the two. You basically get five games a console for only $299.99. That's an amazing deal. _Halo: The Master Chief Collection _contains all of the _Halo_ games featuring Master Chief leading up to Halo 5: Guardians, this includes the four numerical games. They don't mention if the _Halo 3: ODST DLC expansion will also be included. For a while those who purchased The Master Chief Collection could get their hands on the ODST expansion for free as a "We're sorry!" gift from 343 Industries when they originally botched the launch of the collection.

If you've never played the Halo series, that bundle is not a bad way to get into it. You'll at least thoroughly enjoy three out of the five games included in the bundle.

Xbox One S Madden NFL 17 Bundle

However, if you're an avid football fan and you love the NFL but you haven't taken the dive for an Xbox One home console, the Madden NFL 17 bundle probably looks pretty darn scrumptious to you. It's slightly more expensive than the Halo bundle but it also contains a newer game.

Both bundles will be available starting August 23. The Xbox One S will feature 4K-ready Blu-ray and media playback capabilities, along with high dynamic range visuals for movies, television and video games being viewed through the Xbox One S.

Take note that this will not play games in native 4K resolution. Supposedly the Xbox Scorpio will be able to do native 4K gaming, but I wouldn't hold my breath. It's more of a pitch then something I feel Microsoft can deliver on in the form of something affordable. Most PCs running native 4K at doable frame-rates are running fairly high-end GPUs, and unless Microsoft goes all-in on the hardware, the 4K dream will be just that... a dream.

For now, we can look forward to the Xbox One S to launch this upcoming August and you can get in on the bundles at participating retailers or from the official Microsoft Store.

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