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Nearly a year after the team at Three Fields Entertainment teased that they would like to one day work on a spiritual successor to the Burnout series, it sounds like work has finally begun on exactly that.

To be clear, no official announcement has been made outside of a simple tweet. Still, based on recent history and the content of said tweet, we're thinking there's a pretty good chance that the four-wheeled crash-a-thon folks have been dreaming of could be screaming down the freeway at this very minute.

Here's a gander at the tweet, which comes to us courtesy of Three Fields' Creative Director, Alex Ward.

So, no, the word Burnout isn't stated outright but, again, the team has been hinting at a follow-up since last fall. Last October, Mr. Ward announced that his new team had a pair of games that they wanted to work on. The first game turned out to be the recently released Dangerous Golf, which sadly hasn't received much buzz around the internet. In that game, you bash a golf ball into highly detailed and, more importantly, highly destructible environments and try to land a shot while causing the most damage.

Truth be told, even though Dangerous Golf has a lot going for it, we imagine it was almost a proof of concept of sorts, giving the team a chance to work on a smaller game that also allowed them to fine-tune a new physics engine. They also got to work with making things look super pretty, as well as play with how to break them apart piece by piece.

The other game the team wanted to work on was said to be a spiritual successor to a game members of the team had previously worked on with cars and lots of crashing. Obviously, that hints at the Burnout series, the beloved racing games that mixes arcade goodness with insane stunts, high-flying jumps and amazing slow motion crashes.

Now that we've got Alex Ward saying his team is working on "a driving game," all of the pieces seem to be falling into place. Still, if they're only beginning on the project, it's probably going to be a while before we see any actual information about this new game.

Honestly, if it's basically a cut and pasted copy of Burnout, I'd be one happy camper. Burnout Paradise is probably my favorite racing game ever, and earlier Burnout games were also a riot. The thing about Paradise is that it was a pretty big game on a scale a smaller studio might not be able to match. So long as the focus is on fun arcade driving and crashes, though, I'm looking forward to whatever they have to offer.

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