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Respawn Entertainment is taking a different route with their multiplayer setup for Titanfall 2, and they're requiring some help from the gaming community in order to make it all work right ahead of its October 28th release. They have a sign-up page open right now that allows gamers to register for participation in the beta test.

Game Informer picked up the news from both a blog post and from a recently released video developer diary from lead designer Jon "Slothy" Shiring. Shiring explains that they ran the multiplayer servers for the first Titanfall 100% on Microsoft's Azure cloud service, but for the sequel they want to be able to utilize as many different cloud services as possible to make the multiplayer for Titanfall 2 as stable as possible.

Shiring further explains that they teamed with a middleware company called Multiplay in order to diversify their hosting opportunities through a single server instance. So everyone who plays Titanfall 2 will be able to log into the game, boot up a multiplayer round and they will be able to dive into a match without having to worry about waiting in a queue or relying on peer-to-peer connections. The idea is that if any of the cloud services for the game are preoccupied or overloaded, there's always going to be a seamless connection to a new server on a different service.

It's actually kind of cool that they're using this dynamic hosting path for Titanfall 2. They will have Amazon and Google cloud services at the ready as well, along with classic rented servers. The entire concept is to be able to adapt according to the player-load. When they need more resources, Multiplay will be able to allocate more resources on the fly from the different hosts. When they need fewer resources, Multiplay will be able to dynamically handle a smaller load of players across the available services.

It's the opposite approach of other large-scale AAA game releases where the company has to rent large servers for the launch in hopes that they have enough to handle the load. Sometimes they buy up too much space and the load isn't all that great (like Evolve) other times they don't buy up enough server space and the servers have a tough time keeping up with all the players (like Battlefield 4).

This time around they want to be able to handle the load in the right way, as Shiring explains in the video below that was posted up over on Gamespot's channel.

As reported by Game Informer, there is no date set on when the multiplayer test will get underway. They do offer a link to the sign-up page where gamers can register for the newsletter to get notified about the test.

Unlike other fake beta tests out there that are usually used to bolster pre-order sales, this particular multiplayer beta test for Titanfall 2 is actually kind of imperative. It's a new kind of tech for handling different kinds of server loads and player counts, and mixing cloud services with traditional server farms seems interesting but could also end up being a real hassle. So that's why Respawn wants to run tests now so they avoid any kind of hassles when Titanfall 2 launches later this year for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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