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Microsoft has a bit of a surprise for fans of the intergalactic space soldier, Master Chief. The main protagonist from the Halo series will be making his way to a console near you... in the form of appearing as a small logo in the Xbox One S.

As you can see, in the tweet above from Microsoft's chief Xbox engineer, Mike Ybarra, a small logo of Master Chief appears within the new Xbox One S iteration of the eighth gen home console.

The logo was spotted during an Xbox One S teardown by hardware gurus iFixit. During their breakdown, they managed to discover that the etched logo featuring Master Chief on it that Ybarra posted in the tweet above was located on the optical disc drive bracket within the Xbox One S console. It's a blink and you missed it moment, and most people won't ever see it unless they crack open their console, which his not advisable unless you're into modding or you need to replace the drive.

The new console from Microsoft isn't here to replace the original Xbox One, but it offers an Ultra-HD upgrade for media enthusiasts who enjoy watching media at 4K resolutions. You will need a 4K compatible TV to make use of those media features, along with native high-dynamic range for television media and video games. Of course, the games also have to support native HDR to see the effects.

Now if you're assuming that the 4K support in the Xbox One S will enable you to play your games at 4K resolutions, think again. The Xbox One S doesn't have the horsepower to output at that resolution, and even the GTX 980 on ultra settings has a tough time maintaining stable frame-rates at 4K, and that GPU is several times stronger than the current generation of the Xbox One and PS4. The GTX 1080 is designed specifically for 4K ultra gaming and virtual reality support for high-end HMDs such as the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, but it'll cost you a pretty penny.

You won't be able to enjoy 4K gaming on an Xbox console until Microsoft officially unveils the Xbox Scorpio, which isn't due for release until next year. They didn't reveal at what fidelity you would be able to enjoy the 4K gaming on the Xbox Scorpio, but I doubt they're going to be gunning for the GTX 1080's ultra benchmark.

So what exactly do you get with the Xbox One S other than a small Master Chief logo located inside the console and 4K media support with HDR? Well, the console is mostly same save for one glaring difference: it's 40% smaller than the standard Xbox One home console. According to Eurogamer, they also noted an 11% performance upgrade in Project CARS thanks to the GPU being slightly overclocked from 843mhz to 913mhz. The ESRAM was also clocked slightly higher by 15gb/s to allow for faster caching, loading and graphics data transfer.

You can get your hands on the 2TB version of the Xbox One S right now for $399.99.

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