Hitman 2016

When Square Enix and IO Interactive announced that they would be utilizing an episodic approach to the new Hitman reboot, a lot of people were curious how that was going to work out. Well, apparently it's worked out well enough because they have plans on doing multiple seasons for Hitman.

In a tweet by the official Hitman account, it announced that there are a total of three seasons in store for this current reboot.

That actually comes as a bit of shock because I was only under the impression that we were going to wrap up the current season and then the Hitman franchise would go on hiatus once again. The reality is that they have two more seasons lined up for the game, which could contain any number of new levels to dabble in.

According to the Twitter account, they're going to start talking about Season 2 once they wrap up Season 1. They're even taking comments and feedback based on the currently released levels for Season 1, asking gamers what they liked and what they would like to see more of in the newer Hitman adventures.

Some fans asked if they would consider revisiting older levels from the franchise and possibly redoing them to be bigger and better for the eighth gen consoles. The Twitter account basically shoots down the idea by saying that they're mostly focused on newer content for the games, but the account does say that there's "always a possibility".

Personally, I think many of the levels from the older games are fine as they are. IO Interactive did a superb job in crafting levels that fit the themes and hardware conditions during the period in which the earlier games were released. In fact, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin still has some of the best levels and mission parameters in a Hitman game. The levels are also massive and full a lot of options.

It would be cooler to see more original content introduced into the series, and they seem to be doing a fine enough job of that with this current reboot.

They've already released three episodes for this season so far, including Paris, Sapienza, and Marrakesh, and they have a few more to go. The next on the list will take gamers to the Himmapan Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. The mission will see players on the warpath to killing an international pop star, Jordan Cross. I can only imagine the Justin Bieber references.

So far the episodes for Hitman have been received with decent fanfare, but many PC gamers have been disturbed at the DRM that Square Enix have implemented into the game. It definitely takes away from the general appeal.

A lot of gamers simply wanted IO Interactive and Square to release the entire game with all of the episodes together. That's still on the table but only after they finish the entire season at the end of the year.

I'm more-so curious if they have any plans on changing up the tech for the second season of _Hitman _and introducing more complex mechanics? Or will they simply take the Telltale Games route and just keep furthering the story along while giving gamers new targets and locations to visit? Time will tell.

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