BioShock: The Collection Is Adding A New Collectable To The Original Game

BioShock The Collection
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The re-release of the BioShock series by 2K Games will come with a little something extra for those of you who are diligent and committed to the series. A brand new collectible item has been added to the game that players can seek out.

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As the tweet from 2K Games suggests, there are Golden Reels scattered throughout the city of Rapture that contain clips where Geoff Keighley talks to BioShock creator Ken Levine, exploring what went into making the game and how it was created.

The tweet links to another tweet that links to a 59 second clip that teases what gamers can look forward to from the Golden Reels in BioShock: The Collection. The clip is short and snappy, featuring Keighley interviewing creative director Ken Levine about some of the most pressing questions surrounding the creation of one of the most recognizable franchises created during eighth gen. You can check out the clip below, which was posted over on the 2K YouTube channel.

It's interesting that they talk about creating a situation of isolation for the player, something far and away from a place where you could easily seek help. Unlike other horror movies or games, you couldn't just run up to a phone and dial '911'. The police in Rapture were just as disturbed as everything and everyone else.

It was part of that isolation that helped create the horror atmosphere in BioShock. You had no idea what was going on with those Splicers other than that they were crazy and trying to kill you, and the whole mystery surrounding the Big Daddies was enough to make you both curious and frightened. The fact that you could mostly walk past them unharmed (unless a Little Sister saw you as a threat) made them a fascinating foe because they were completely unpredictable.

The other thing that really separated BioShock from other games is the fact that some of the enemies traveled around autonomously. They weren't just traveling around on a set path, they were scouting the area for items or bodies to take. It was this independence that helped create a feeling of realism in the atmosphere of Rapture... it helped legitimatize that the enemies in BioShock weren't just the typical ant-spawning throwaways that you would oftentimes find in games like Call of Duty or Gears of War.

Gamers who missed out on the BioShock trilogy during seventh gen will be able to experience the remastered games on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC this September with higher quality assets, and the all new behind-the-scenes interview with Levine, courtesy of the Golden Reels, sprinkled throughout the levels.

It almost makes you wonder just how much more they added to the game or if the Golden Reels are it? I guess we'll find out when BioShock: The Collection releases on September 13th for PC, PS4 and the Xbox One.

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