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Lords of the Fallen

September is officially upon us, which means it's time to learn about the monthly dose of games being added to the Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus. This month's six offerings include a little something for everyone, including a spiritual quest, a violent action romp, a romantic visual novel and more.

Each month, PlayStation Plus offers six new games in a rotating lineup of downloadable titles. If you're a Plus member, you can download every game, two per Sony console, at no charge on top of your Plus subscription. Here's this month's lineup:

-Lords of the Fallen (PS4)

-Journey (PS4)

-Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (PS3)

-Datura (PS3)

-Badland (Vita)

-Amnesia: Memories (Vita)

As is common these days, several of those games are actually cross-platform. Journey, for example, is listed as a PS4 Plus title, but you can download it on your PS3, too. Badland is also a cross-platform game, working on all three consoles.

According to what we're seeing on the PlayStation Blog and Youtube, folks are pretty pleased with this month's lineup of Plus games. That hasn't been the case in recent months, as folks have been very vocal about either not wanting or already having the games on offer. Some folks apparently want services like Plus and Microsoft's Games with Gold tailored to their individual tastes and desires.

This positivity is a good sign, as folks got pretty salty last week when Sony announced that the cost of an annual subscription to Plus was going to go up by 10 bucks from $50 to $60. Demands for "better games" soon rang out and, for September at least, it seems like folks are satisfied.

I've been pretty dang happy with recent Plus lineups, even if I don't want or already have some of the titles. Sony has done a good job of offering a mixed bag of titles, with games appealing to various tastes. If they just brought out a bunch of action and sports games, for instance, a lot more people would feel left out in the cold.

September's lineup is no exception. Lords of the Fallen is one of the few games that was quite heavily influenced by the beloved Dark Souls series, offering its own spin on the dark, gritty and tough-as-nails fantasy genre. Journey is the polar opposite, though, offering bright colors, minimal mechanics and a short but incredibly sweet experience that's brought tears to many eyes.

On the PS3, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is more of a classic action platformer while Datura is basically a first-person acid trip that can be played with the Move controllers.

Finally, on the Vita, Badland is the critically beloved platformer from mobile that fits nicely on consoles while Amnesia: Memories is a visual novel that boasts an intriguing mystery and multiple paths to follow.

Let us know what you think of this month's Plus lineup in the comments below.

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