The New Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens DLC Answers A Major Question About The Movie

Star Wars

Star Wars lore is being fleshed out in lots of ways these days. From the movies and books to comics and animated series, there are plenty of ways to fill in the missing bits of plot. Heck, even Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be answering some questions concerning the latest films.

So, you remember how in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Poe Dameron goes missing on the planet Jakku and then shows up later having been reunited with the Resistance? Well, in the movie, they completely gloss over everything that happens between those two plot points.

For those of you who demand answers, though, Lego Star Wars is here to provide.

The upcoming DLC is called "Poe's Quest for Survival" and it will fill in all of the blanks.

Honestly, we're kind of curious at this point how something like this came to be. Did they originally shoot this story and need to cut it from the movie? Did they plan on using an outside source like the Lego Star Wars game to fill in the narrative from the get-go? Or did the folks behind Lego Star Wars wonder what happened to Poe and decided to fill in the blanks themselves?

Whatever the reason, it looks like we'll finally be getting some answers. Feel free to lord them over your friends once you've played through the DLC and gathered the extra details for yourself.

As stated in the trailer's announcement, Poe's story won't be told anywhere else, so Lego Star Wars is where you'll need to turn. But we've got a few broad strokes for you.

Following the crash-landing on Jakku, Poe realizes that he needs to find a ship if he's going to continue outrunning the First Order and team back up with the Resistance. Nothing's ever quite that simple, though, as some Jakku goons appear to be standing in his way.

Along with the extra story beats, this Lego Star Wars DLC will include several new playable characters, as well as some additional vehicles for you to take control of including the Strus Clan Speeder.

It looks like Poe gets himself into something of a Wild West showdown, with scenes showing off desert battles and fast-paced races across the sand. You'll need to build and blast your way through a story where Poe is asked to help liberate a Jakku settlement and, we assume, the guy is offered a ship in return. Or maybe he steals one? But that doesn't seem like a very Poe thing to do.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.