While it's fun much of the time to sit down in a dark room by yourself and engage in an immersive game experience on your own, or with friends online, sometimes it's more fun to actually sit down with you friends in person, maybe with some pizza and adult beverages, and actually spend time with people you like. These days you seem to have to rely on board games for that sort of entertainment, but luckily Jackbox Games has the solution for how to play games with your friends even if your board game closet is missing a bunch of pieces

Jackbox Party Pack 3 is here with three new titles, and a new version of a previous installment, to keep you and your friends entertained until the wine is gone and your smartphone battery is dead.

Rather than console controllers, the only thing players need, other than the console or PC that runs the game, is a smartphone, meaning many more people can be involved than a traditional couch co-op sort of engagement. Here's the rundown.

Quiplash 2

If you played Jackbox Party Pack 2, you're probably familiar with Quiplash. At the start of the game, each player is given a pair of fill in the blank prompts on their smartphone. The idea is to come up with a word or phrase to fill in the blank that you think your friends will like because it will be competing with another person who got the same prompt. This usually means being funny, possibly dirty, or potentially offensive, depending on what you think your audience will go far.

Quiplash 2 doesn't make any huge improvements over the previous version. The two rounds of fill-in-the-blanks play out exactly the same as the previous version. The final round, called The Last Lash, does change things up by offering a few different variations, like filling in the word bubble of a cartoon. Final round scoring is also changed up so that a player's favorite quip will earn more points than their second favorite.

Verdict: If you liked the original Quiplash, you'll love Quiplash 2. It's more of the same, but it wasn't broken, so they didn't fix it.

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