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Celebrating its 15th birthday, the Halo series has come a long way since it first launched on the Xbox back in 2001. As part of this momentous occasion, the team at 343 Industries have made a collection of items available for all comers in Halo 5, and today is the last day to grab yours.

As announced over on the Halo Waypoint website, a special 15th Anniversary REQ Pack has been made available in Halo 5. For those of you who haven't logged in for a while, today is your last chance to hop into the game and collect a handful of items that should make conquering your online foes just a little bit more festive.

They aren't giving out party hats or anything like that, but the items included in this free REQ pack should, at the very least, put a smile on the face of folks who have some nostalgia for the Halo series. Log into Halo 5 today and claim a Mark IV Armor and Helmet combo, four SPNKRs, 4 CE Magnums and 4 Halo 2 Beam Rifles. So that gives you a classic suit of armor to don, as well as some old friends in the armory department.

And as far as we're aware, that will basically cap off the 15th-anniversary celebration for Halo. The team at 343 held some special streams for the event over the past couple of weeks and shared a whole bunch of memories submitted by team members and series fans, as well as put together this spiffy anniversary tribute video.

Dang, the Halo series really has come a long way in the past 15 years, huh? For many of our readers, we wouldn't be surprised if Halo is actually older than you are, which certainly makes me feel old and grumpy because I was bridging the gap between high school and college when it first came out.

I actually remember the first time I played Halo, visiting a friend who had bought one of those newfangled "Xbox" gaming machines. He fired up the game and made me sit in the middle of the living room so I could get the full effect of that legendary theme being pumped out by the surround sound system. From there, we dove into the cooperative single player campaign and, yep, I was made a believer. Some of my fondest gaming memories are going toe-to-toe with friends in Halo's competitive modes, passing the controller around as we blasted our way through set-ups like Longest with rocket launchers only.

Since Halo has been around for so long, we're sure many of our readers have built up some fond memories of their own. Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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