Well, folks it appears we've gone off the deep end. Yep, we've gone and done it. We've turned into a digital trivia show! Well, not really. It's only this one time and we're doing it because we love you... but not really. We're doing it to test your love for games. How well do you know them? How much do you know about them? Would you be willing to catch a grenade for them? We'll find out soon enough with this trivia for 16 games you probably won't recognize... right away.

To make things interesting we've included specific music cues from the soundtracks of the games. There's a bit of an incentive to guessing both... in fact, we have a free digital copy of Total War: Rome II with the Greek States DLC from Creative Assembly, to give away via Steam. Yep, a near $70 bundle... for free. Whoever said gaming doesn't pay obviously never visited Gaming Blend.

All you have to do is send in all the correct answers for all the questions, then like us and message us on the Gaming Blend Facebook page with the appropriate game names and track titles of the music. We'll pick the winner at random, and they'll win a free copy of the game. All right then, let the games begin!

Round #1
Release Date: Winter 2014
Platform[s]: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Game hints: A game that follows on the heels of a critical and financial success for the publisher, the original game won over both gamers and critics alike with its artistically poignant art-style and well-rounded gameplay. The story was slightly hit and miss for some gamers, but the combat was solid and the voice acting was top notch.
Guess the soundtrack: The soundtrack for this game is steeped in classically enthused cues and amazing atmosphere. Do you know what game this song belongs to? And if you're really good, do you know what part of the game the track is used for?

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