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There's nothing worse than to hear about a game that was rumored to be in development only for a second rumor to pop up and say that the game has been canceled. Well, that's pretty much what's circulating on the news wire regarding WB Montreal's rumored Suicide Squad video game.

Kotaku reported that sources close to them have revealed that the rumored Suicide Squad game that was in development at Warner Bros.' Montreal Studios has been canned. We reported earlier that rumors now indicate that the studio has been shifted over to a new Batman: Arkham game based on Bruce Wayne's young kid, Damian Wayne.

Suicide Squad

This move came after WB Montreal supposedly presented a working prototype of their Suicide Squad game to the higher-ups at Warner Bros., and the committee was not impressed. The game was supposed to be a cooperative action title, separate from Rocksteady's games, but details are scant on how it would operate. Based on previous stories and the cinematics in Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Origins: Blackgate, it was pretty obvious that Amanda Waller was assembling a team.

Waller and Rick Flag manage to acquire Bronze Tiger and Deadshot at the end of Batman: Arkham Origins: Blackgate, which led a lot of people to suspect that they were definitely gearing up to make a game based on the Suicide Squad, even if it didn't necessarily tie into the David Ayer's movie of the same name.

There were some mobile game tie-ins that did pop-up in the meantime, and NetherRealm Studios also took advantage of the movie hype with the announcement of Suicide Squad members being in the upcoming Injustice 2 fighting game for home consoles and PC, but a few characters appearing in a crossover fighting game is not an actual Suicide Squad game.

Supposedly, the game was going to be a follow-up to what the studio had worked on with Batman: Arkham Origins, and they were going to carry the story forward from what was teased at the end of the game, which hinted at the villainous squad being formed up to take on special suicide missions handed out by the government. A clip below featuring Amanda Waller recruiting Deathstroke in the post-game credits from RabidRetrospectGames gives you a good idea of where they might have gone.

I still don't see how the co-op would have worked here. The Batman: Arkham games work well in multiplayer if it's focused on the challenge maps or limited beat-'em-up segments, but large portions of those games also deal with platforming puzzles, hacking puzzles, stealth puzzles, and aerial puzzles. It's difficult to understand how the non-fighting elements would translate properly into a cooperative action game? Then again, maybe that's exactly what the Warner Bros., executives were having a problem with when they encountered the prototype from WB Montreal.

We may not ever know the full story (unless it ends up on Unseen 64) but based on the lack of confidence in the game from WB's own execs, it doesn't sound like gamers missed out on much from the Batman: Arkham Origins spin-off game.

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