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Mafia III

If you're looking for more things to do in Mafia III, then you're in luck, as the developers have announced a whole bunch of new stuff is now available free of charge within the game. Get ready for new duds, car customization, races and more.

Over on the Mafia III website, the team explained that, following completion of the core game, they immediately got to work on additional bells and whistles they wanted to see plugged into the experience. This takes the form of new customization options, as well as races aplenty.

According to the update, car customization was one of the biggest fan requests to be made once Mafia III hit the street. Lincoln can drive a collection of 10 vehicles in the game, so the developers decided to provide some custom looks for each of his rides. If you're eager to add your own artistic flair to your rides, you need to head to any of the nine Big Rick's Garage locations in New Bordeux and have a chat with the proprietor. You'll have the ability to change your car's decals, exhaust, spoiler, superchargers and wheels. According to the update, there are now more than 50 customization options to pick from, all free of charge.

After you've got your car looking choice, it's time to make your way into the game's new races, inspired by the "classic car chase films" of the 60's and 70's. While plenty of driving was already available in Mafia III's campaign, the team wanted to give players a chance to enjoy the excitement of a chase on their own terms, hence the implementation of races. All told, there are 12 races available in the game, including six circuit lap races and six point-to-point races. If you've had a sit down with all three in-game lieutenants, then races are now available. Winning races can unlock new customization options for your rides, as well as pink slips to cars you don't already own.

Finally, what's the point in making your car look good if you don't look good yourself? This latest update to Mafia III also includes some new outfits for players to wear, giving Lincoln the chance to dress like a true Mafioso.

And, of course, that's not where the post-launch content is stopping for Mafia III. Once the holidays are in the rearview, the team will be back hard at work making even more DLC content for players to enjoy within the game's world. Examples of content coming early next year include more customization options, as well as additional ways to enhance the game's fleet of cars.

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