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Capcom released a new trailer for Resident Evil 7 recently, prepping for the game's launch on January 24th. The new trailer sees players have a first-person sit-down meal with the Baker family cannibals. A real delightful horror experience, no doubt.

The trailer was recently posted up over on the Resero Trailer YouTube channel, featuring just 44 seconds of footage from the upcoming Resident Evil 7.

The trailer starts with a commentary voiceover explaining that home is a welcoming place that's supposed to be a haven for safety. We get a glimpse of the Baker's mansion from the outside, and a short look at one of the rooms from the inside, including a bed with a pillow and what appears to be an axe and a rope on an unclothed mattress with a few old iron keys. I don't know if this symbolizes something players will experience through the game or if it's just random imagery, but the showcase of the game's photogrammetry looks flat out amazing.

The utilization of tessellation helps blur the lines of what's real and what's not. Even looking close enough at some of the objects, it's impossible to see any triangles. I suspect this is from the PC version of the game, which will have much higher fidelity than its console counterparts. That's not to mention that the PlayStation VR version of Resident Evil 7 will have to make certain concessions in order to hit and maintain a 60fps standard to make use of the interstitial frame-shutter effect through reprojection. So long as a game maintains 60fps as a base standard, the reprojection will insert a frame between each frame at 8ms intervals in order to hit 120fps. It's a tall order but it seems to have worked well enough for the launch titles on the PlayStation VR.

Nevertheless, the Resident Evil 7 trailer isn't about downgrades or scale-backs, it's about high fidelity rendering. We see a table with some human body parts on platters, looking high enough in quality to be real life.

The trailer doesn't go much further than that, ending after showing a room leading to a hallway as the narrator's voice takes on a demonic tone.

There's a lot riding on the success of Resident Evil 7 for Capcom. It's likely going to determine what the future of the series is and how it's going to cultivate the survival-horror genre.

For one thing, the new game really does rely on survival and horror as core elements of the gameplay. You won't be barreling through hundreds of zombies at a time. Ammo is limited, weapons are limited and enemies are limited. The prime focal point of the game is on attempting to find ways to survive encounters with the seemingly indestructible members of the undead Baker family.

You can look for Resident Evil 7 to launch in just two week's time on January 24th for PS4, PSVR, Xbox One and PC.

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