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Resident Evil 7

Capcom is currently selling Season Passes for Resident Evil 7 well ahead of the game's release. It will grant gamers access to multiple pieces of DLC that will unlock over the course of time for the home console and PC versions of the game.

The details for the Season Pass were actually rolled out over on the Steam page for Resident Evil 7. The page describes three pieces of DLC that will be available for the game throughout 2017. All of the DLC will be released before December 31st, 2017. The DLC includes Banned Footage Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, along with an extra story episode.

They mention that the Season Pass purchases also can't be cancelled once they're purchased whether you fully download any of the DLC releases or not. So once you lock yourself into a purchase you're stuck with it.

The Season Pass is included in a bundle right now for Resident Evil 7 through the Deluxe Edition, which is available for pre-purchase right now for $89.98. The Deluxe Edition contains the base game and the Season Pass. Given that the two items brings the total to $90, this means that the Season Pass is $30.

Now, part of this news set the gaming community aflame in criticisms toward Capcom. Why? Because some people felt as if they might be cutting the ending out of the game and pulling an Asura's Wrath, where the true ending was released later as DLC, which fully explained the ending and wrapped up the game's story as well as gave players the final and true boss battle.

The question becomes, why do people think that the ending is cut in Resident Evil 7 even when it's not out yet? Well, the thing that set off alarm bells was that one of the DLCs in the Season Pass pack is called "Story Episode", which instantly made some people think that maybe the true ending to the game might be left on the cutting room floor.

The thing is, we have no idea what the DLC will actually contain. We know that two of the pieces will be flashback sequences in the form of the VHS footage, something that Capcom has been using as a narrative device for Resident Evil 7. The VHS footage (which actually allows gamers to play through those sequences) will likely be backstory material to further explore other characters and story branches. The story episode DLC is what actually has some people on edge.

As a way to assuage some of the flames, Capcom also announced that they will be giving away some free DLC throughout the spring. This was recently reported on by Escapist Magazine, where Capcom revealed that the free DLC will be separate from the main storyline featured in the game.

Right now it doesn't appear as if you can purchase the Season Pass for Resident Evil 7 separately, but it will be made available as part of the launch of the main game starting January 24th. The upcoming horror-survival title will be available for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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