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Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft is committed to Rainbow Six: Siege. They pulled off a miracle by actually increasing the game's player engagement over time, a nearly impossible feat for many AAA shooters. Well, part of that was because of the frequent DLC they roll out for the game, and that tradition is continuing into year two.

In a press release sent out to media, Ubisoft announced that starting February 7th Rainbow Six: Siege Year Two will officially kick off with the Operation Velvet Shell content update. The content will be made available on home consoles and PC, which includes the Xbox One, the PS4, Steam, and Uplay.

The first major new map that they have in store for gamers is the Coastline map set off the coast of Spain, taking place in the gorgeous party getaway of Ibiza. And sticking with the party theme, the Coastline map takes place within a large-scale, famous nightclub where operators will have to protect the perimeter from evil infiltrators.

The Coastline map in Rainbow Six: Siege will support both PvP combat so players can test their wits against other players in a variety of modes, as well as options for PvE so players who prefer playing cooperatively can do so.

The Operation Velvet Shell also comes with two brand new Spanish operators to play, following up on the last DLC drop that included some cool looking operators from the Brazilian special police forces known as BOPE. For the Spanish, they have the Grupo Especial de Operaciones, known as G.E.O.

Unfortunately, we don't really get to see much of the new characters but Ubisoft did release a short teaser for one of them known as "Jackal". You can see the teaser video for the Rainbow Six: Siege Operator below.

"Jackal" has the ability to turn on a UV headset that displays the footprints of enemies on the ground. Once again, we don't get to see much of the Operator and over on his Rainbow Six profile page, they explicitly mention that they won't be talking about his skills until they showcase them more in depth during a Twitch live-stream.

Speaking of the Twitch live-stream... Ubisoft announced that starting at 1:15pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, February 5th next week you'll be able to see both the Rainbow Six: Siege Operators in action along with a detailed examination and tour through the Coastline map set in the Ibiza nightclub. The developer live-stream will be available over on the official Rainbow Six Twitch channel.

If you had told me back in late 2015 following the initial sales for Rainbow Six: Siege that the game would go on to have a strong, financially lucrative multiplayer life two years later I would have laughed in your face. However, Ubisoft is the one who gets the last laugh... all the way to the bank.

A solid set of gameplay mechanics attached to intense, strategically team-oriented maps and lots of weapons, Operators and different ways to win a match helped set Rainbow Six: Siege apart from the competition in a big way. Ubisoft isn't done either, as they plan on hosting a free weekend between February 2nd through February 5th to help lure in even more players to Rainbow Six: Siege for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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