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Sony is already prepping to roll out the next big system update for the PS4 in the form of version 4.50. They've codenamed this bad boy "Sasuke" and they're sending out e-mail instructions right now for those of you who are beta participants to install and check out what's coming in the next PlayStation 4 system update.

Over on the official PlayStation Blog, VP of PlayStation brand marketing, John Koller, explained that even if you aren't part of the beta you'll still get an opportunity to see what Sony has been working on for the PlayStation brand.

One of the big updates includes a feature that has been requested by gamers since the debut of the PS4 back in 2013: external hard drive support. The PS4, following 4.50's release, will be able to read and store games on external USB 3.0 HDDs. This means you'll be able to install a hard drive inside the PS4 and hook one up outside the PS4. This will grant you maximum storage capacity of up to 8TB.

Originally, when the two consoles launched back in 2013, not many in the media took Sony or Microsoft to task for only launching with 500GB drives in the systems, but over time it quickly became obvious that forcing all games to have to install to the hard drive was going to zap space quickly... and it did. Microsoft offered external drive support quite quickly after release, but Sony stalled, and stalled... and stalled. I suppose it's better late than never, eh?

In addition to external drive support for the PS4, another feature that gamers have been begging for will also be available: custom wallpapers. Xbox One owners have been able to utilize custom desktop options since early in the system's lifespan, but PS4 owners have been bereft of such a feature. Well, in 4.50 PlayStation 4 owners will finally be able to load a custom image into the PS4's home screen background.

The PS4 Quick Menu -- which appears when you tap the home button while another application is open -- will be modified to take up less space and allow you more accessibility features for quality of life improvements such as quickly creating parties, contacting friends or opening apps.

One of the more exciting features that they're also implementing is for PlayStation VR owners. If you have 3D Blu-ray movies in your collection, 4.50 will enable PSVR support for 3D Blu-rays so you can see the movies in the headset with stereoscopic 3D support. Now that is a cool use of the PlayStation VR headset. I may not be the biggest fan of VR, but, depending on the movies supported, this could easily make the PSVR a must-have for that feature alone.

Additionally, they'll allow you to post directly into the PlayStation Network's Activity Feed, creating a more social nature for the function. And they will be simplifying the notification list, so that gamers will be able to quickly and easily see game alerts, downloads, uploads, screenshots, friend requests and other system functions and activities condensed into a simple list, almost similar to how Steam organizes and simplifies all your system activity into the notification list at the top of the profile bar.

The 4.50 Sasuke update is available now for those participating in the beta program and will roll out soon for all PS4 owners.

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